Flyme 5.0: here are the first screenshots of the new Os Meizu | Coming in September

FlyMe 5

Meizu MX5 PRO yes, Meizu MX5 PRO no ... waiting for the company to clarify its next alleged topgamma device able to replace the MX4 PRO, let's get back to talking about FlyMe 5.0.

At the end of last month in fact, through the mouth of the same Yang Yan (boss FlyMe and vice-president Meizu), we came to know that, to see the new FlyMe 5.0, we would have to wait a long time. The same Yan, however, seems to have corrected the shot ...

Meizu update

With a short tweet on his weibo account, the Meizu executive announced that the new version of the Os Meizu will arrive sooner than expected: in fact, it should soon enter the beta phase, and then be officially available from the end of September-beginning of October. On what phones though?

FlyMe 5.0

It is still not known, certainly the latest devices will soon or later be able to enjoy the new update. However, the tweet closes with a mystery that opens up some glimmer for the fans of the brand; Yang Yan writes "the first device to run the Os will be ..."That a surprise is coming in September?

Judging by these tried screenshots what do you think of the new version? Are you satisfied with the user experience offered by the current version of the Meizu operating system? What would you improve?