The UMI Zero 2 may have two displays

UMI Zero 2

After the recent launch ofUMI Iron, the Chinese company UMI is preparing for the heir of theUMI Zero, which, it seems, could be equipped with an interesting novelty, or a display back e-ink, a solution already seen on Yotaphone 1 e 2.

In the last hours, UMI has published a new teaser image that depicts just theUMI Zero 2 and the two displays, both the rear and the front, supplied with the device.


At the moment we do not know the specifications of the device, although looking at the image it is possible to hypothesize the presence of a fingerprint scanner on the front, installed on a physical home button.

Possible then the presence of a metallic side frame, in order to make the device more pleasant and elegant.

Finally, on the image, in addition to the writing “Duplex Life", Which refers precisely to the two displays installed, we also find a small circle with written inside"1/9", Which should really refer to the first day of September, or the date of the possible announcement of theUMI Zero 2.

For now, unknown the list price and all the other hardware features of the device, information that we will find and that we will make known during the next two months awaiting the official launch.