Nubia Z9, the full review of

In recent months, many producers have begun to take an interest in the segment of the smartphone borderless, ie devices with absent or extremely thin side frames.

Until now no manufacturer, apart Samsung with the Samsung S6 Edge, managed to get closer to this goal with good results. Turning instead the look "to the east", among the Chinese producers Nubia was the first to approach this new "technology".

Universal Z9

In fact, today we offer you our full review of the Nubia Z9, in the basic variant from 3 GB of RAM e 32 GB of internal memory, the first one smartphone borderless made by the subsidiary of ZTE.

We thank first of all for sending the sample that is available for purchase with shipments fromItaly e Italian warranty of 24 months. On the store you can take advantage of our exclusive discount code "GIZCHINA"During the purchase.

Before continuing take a look at the complete technical data sheet of the Nubia Z9.

Nubia Z9, the full review of

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Nubia Z9 - Sales package

Universal Z9

The device sales box is characterized by a rigid plastic with the logo Nubia printed on the front. Inside we find:

  • A user manual in Chinese language;
  • an extractor for the SIM slot;
  • a non-European wall power supply;
  • a micro USB cable - USB flat;
  • a pair of in-ear headphones.

An accessory equipment, therefore, very complete and functional to the use of the terminal.

Nubia Z9 - Design and materials

Universal Z9

What definitely jumps to the eye of this terminal is the display borderless, which returns a truly engaging visual experience.

Unlike other smartphones, on the Z9 as anticipated we do not find side frames and the display, therefore, falls curved inside the body. The absence of the side frames leads to the presence of two rather important and elongated "bands" at the ends of the panel.

As anticipated, glass presents one curl 2.5D, both on the front and on the back-cover, giving an excellent touch & feel to the terminal. The grip is not excellent, as the device is a bit slippery when gripping.

Universal Z9

Let's talk about a device that measures 147.4 x 68.3 x 8.9 mm thick for a weight, battery from 2900 mAh including non-removable, of 192 grams.

An important weight, however, that is well distributed along the profile of the terminal and gives it a sense of robustness.

Let's see the arrangement of keys and inputs:

Universal Z9

On the left profile we find the tray of the double SIM slot, both in format Nano.

Universal Z9

On the right profile we find the volume balance, the button of power on / shutdown and a quick access key to the double stroke camera.

Universal Z9

At the bottom we find the door Micro USB (OTG e MTP), the single speaker of system and the microphone main.

Universal Z9

At the top, however, we find the jack from 3.5 mm for the headphones, the according to microphone for the reduction of environmental noise and a infrared emitter.

Universal Z9

Frontally, at the top, the headset capsule, the front camera from 8 mega-pixels and the sensors of brightness e proximity.

Universal Z9

Below the navigation key bar, placed outside the screen, nicely backlit in red with the button Home which also acts as Notification LED.

Universal Z9

On the back is placed, at the top, the rear camera from 16 mega-pixels accompanied by a single Flash LED and logo Nubia on the central part.

Nubia Z9 - Display

Universal Z9

The device presents, as already said, a display from 5.2 inches with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel with density of PPI 424curl 2.5D e absence of lateral frames.

The visual experience is very engaging and it is difficult not to be fascinated by the contents reproduced on this panel.

Universal Z9

In our tests the panel showed excellent color rendering with faithful colors and well-defined reproduced contents. Good viewing angles and good, but not very high, the brightness, which however is well managed by the appropriate sensor.

It is possible to modify and calibrate the temperature of the display at will, using the appropriate settings in the settings menu.

Excellent il touch screen which is very responsive and precise in detecting touches, both when typing and navigating within the various applications.

Nubia Z9 - Memory

The internal memory is from 32 GB divided into a single non-expandable partition with approx 6.79 GB occupied by the operating system. Support is present OTG to connect external mass storage devices.

Nubia Z9 - Hardware and performance

Lo Z9 it is characterized by a really good hardware compartment, with a processor octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with architecture a 64-bit accompanied by one Adreno GPU 430 a 600 MHz and 3 GB of RAM. A variant with 4 GB of RAM e 64 GB of internal memory.

The performances offered by this hardware combination are of the highest level, with excellent system fluidity, both in the opening of applications and in navigation within the interface.

Unfortunately we found excessive overheating of the body, typical of the chipset in question, which during prolonged use does not make optimal the end user experience.

Testing the terminal with Real Racing 3 all the details are reproduced to the maximum, with a good fluidity of the contents shown.

Here are the other benchmark test results made with the device:

Antutu Benchmark


Gaming test with Real Racing 3

Nubia Z9 - Connectivity and telephony

The device features a double SIM slot format Nano with support for connectivity LTE on both SIMs..

It is possible to hot switch, and very quickly, connectivity LTE between two SIMs through the appropriate menu reachable from the system settings. The bands LTE supported are 1800/2100/2600 MHZ.

The fastening speed of the signal is very good, even when moving in the cell exchange with a good navigation speed.

We have found that during the use of connectivity LTE the component Radio it drains a lot battery, overheating the body.

It is possible to connect the terminal to an external monitor using the protocol MHL interfacing at the door HDMI.

No problem with the WiFi that hooks the signal without problems even in shaded areas, with the Bluetooth tested in pairing with Xiaomi Mi Band, L e Xiaomi Mi Scale and with theNFC for the exchange of files.

No problem even with the GPS, very quick in fixed of the signal (in approx 20 seconds) that is permanently maintained when using navigation and fitness applications.

Nubia Z9 - Audio

The terminal is equipped with a single speaker placed at the bottom and by an audio chip AKM4961 which return a fairly powerful audio and, in general, a good quality of the content reproduced. No problem even in the ear capsule with excellent conversation quality

It is possible to change the sound equalization through the settings of the Dolby Digital Plus choosing between some audio presets or modifying the settings manually.

Nubia Z9 - Cameras

The terminal is equipped with a rear camera from 16 mega-pixels with sensor Sony IMX234 with opening f / 2.0 a 6 lenses accompanied by a single Flash LED.

The yield of the shots is really of the highest level in all conditions of use, placing the terminal at the top of the category.

Universal Z9

Thanks to the stock application you can take advantage of multiple shooting modes or take advantage of the mode Pro with lots of settings to change manually.

Le macro taken from the terminal are very faithful in the color range with a high level of details.

Well implemented theHDR that improves the contrasts without distorting too many shots.

At night shots are of good quality thanks to the single Flash LED very powerful and well calibrated during shooting. There is a bit of digital noise, a feature that unites a little 'all smartphones because of the small size of the sensors mounted.

The front camera is instead equipped with a sensor 8 mega-pixels Sony IMX179 with opening f / 2.0, which allows you to make really very detailed selfies and defined video calls.

Below you will find the photo gallery of the shots made with the Nubia Z9 (on Google+)

Video recording test in 4K

Excellent also videos made at the highest resolution 4K with a good stabilization and a high level of details.

Nubia Z9 - Battery

Lo Z9 It is equipped with a battery 2900 mAh non removable which guarantees approx 3 hours and 30 of screen lit. with two SIMs active at the same time, the aforementioned devices Bluetooth in pairing and continuous switch between connectivity LTE e WiFi.

It has an advanced mode of energy saving which optimizes the autonomy of the device by acting on it multiple settings and verifying a history of the terminal recharges.

Nubia Z9 - Software

Universal Z9

The device is moved by the operating system Android Lollipop 5.0, customized by manufacturer with proprietary interface Nubia UI. The ROM arrive in English language with the Google Play Store pre-installed.

The system moves very smoothly, without any lag o jamming both with light applications and with Gaming or apps that require more advanced performance.

La Nubia UI is one of ROM richer in features of the panorama Android, with multiple software implementations made by the manufacturer.

Universal Z9

One of the most interesting is definitely the FIT, Short for Frame Interactive Technology, a technology used by Nubia to make the most of the display borderless of its top of the range.

Universal Z9

Thanks to the appropriate options named Edge Gesture it is possible to perform operations simply by performing tap or of the Swype on the side profiles of the display.

You can then open the camera by tapping the edge of the display with four fingers, lower or increase brightness and volume by making a two-finger swype or open certain apps by making a swype to the right or left.

An implementation certainly useful but requires a bit of practice to be used at best, without incurring false touches.

In addition to FIT we find the gestures on screen off, Air Gesture, simplified mode, one hand mode with resize the display and multiwindows.

Many of the stock applications presenting a very well designed and styled graphical interface with the system interface.

Universal Z9

In this regard, we point out that it is possible to customize the Theme of the device through the appropriate app preinstalled with Offline themes and others downloadable from the web.

Universal Z9

Finally, we point out that thanks toinfrared emitter TV, air conditioners and other devices can be controlled via the appropriate app.

Gallery of Nubia UI:

Photo gallery:

final Thoughts

Lo Z9 it is certainly one of the best terminals currently on the market as regards the hardware components. We were really impressed with the display borderless which brings a bit of "innovation" in a market where currently only processors and RAM equipment and really very high performance rear camera.

They did not convince us of excessive overheating either LTE that in the prolonged use of the terminal and a battery with overall autonomy is not very high.

And you, what do you think of this Nubia Z9? Has the borderless display design convinced you?

We thank again for sending the sample that is available for purchase with shipments fromItaly e Italian warranty of 24 months. We remind you that you can take advantage of our exclusive discount code "GIZCHINA"During the purchase.