MIUI 5.7.9 Released: Full Video and Changelog!

Xiaomi has released a new update of his ROM owner, the MIUI which thus reaches the version 5.7.9.

The new firmware contains many bug fixes and some new features for the control of the data used and for the proprietary market Xiaomi.


The complete changelog of the MIUI 5.7.9:

[System] Fix - Some Redmi Note 3G devices could not enable vibration (07-03)

[Contacts] Optimization - When adding new contacts in Global version, IM default icon became Skype (07-08)
Fix - Birthday format displayed incorrectly for imported Exchange contacts (07-03)
Fix - Press repeatedly on a call log would cause to call this number repeatedly (07-03)

[Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar] Optimization - Display height of lockscreen notifications (07-08)
Fix - Sometimes, prevent misoperation panel appeared incorrectly (07-06)
Fix - Sometimes prevent misoperation mode did not work (07-06)
Fix - Sometimes, pressing lockscreen notification did not lead to the corresponding app (07-08)

[Settings] New - Added animation introduction for one-handed mode settings (07-06)

[Market] New - Added video preview feature (07-02)
Fix - Display error of some pages when using large font (07-02)

[Calendar] Fix - Calendar might FC when several reminders rang at the same time (07-07)

[Data Usage] New - Added the feature to recommend to optimize apps so that a large amount of data can be saved (07-03)
New - Data saver supports setting image compression ratio (07-03)
Optimization - Optimized RAM usage (07-03)
Optimization - Optimized daily data usage limit strategy for the last day of a month (07-03)

[Clock / Calculator] Optimization - Ascending volume interval was changed from 5 seconds to 2 seconds (07-08)
Optimization - Alarm clock max auto-silence time was changed to 10 minutes (07-08)
Fix - FC error of customized clocks in some situations (07-03)
Fix - Sometimes alarm clock could not be turned off (07-08)

The update OTA it will be available in the next hours for all officially supported devices.