Hasee Elegant XS-5Y10S1: 14 ”Full-HD notebook with Intel Core M arriving on July 9th


After having produced a series of devices that are not always lucky, Hasee is ready to make her first notebook - the debut is set for the next 9 July, but thanks to the JD.com reseller we already know images, specifications and price. Welcome to Hasee Elegant XS-5Y10S1!

The new laptop made by Hasee, which as we said will be called Elegant XS-5Y10S1, will respect what the company announced in recent weeks - "it will be thinner than the MacBook Air from 13.3 inches"- the latter reaches the 17mm in its thickest point, the new Hasee only 15.8mm. Dimensions that then extend in length and width for 339 and 256mm, fitting one IPS display from 14 inches in resolution Full-HD 1920 x 1200 with backlighting.


To give energy to the new laptop, on which will run Windows 8 operating system, we will find:

  • Intel Core M-5Y10c dual-core processor (o.8-2.0 Ghz and 4MB from Cache);
  • Intel HD5300 graphics;
  • 4GB of RAM DDR3L;
  • 128GB SSD;
  • Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0, HDMI;
  • camera from 1 mega-pixel;
  • lithium-polymer battery to 4 cells (2-4 hours autonomy).

The price that will be sold in China will be 3499 yuan, that is about 508 euro (not really a price!), With shipments starting from the next 12 July.