Elephone P7000 with Flyme OS, the focus of GizChina.it

La Flyme OS is the ROM note made by Meizu for its devices, an OS that we now know very well and that in the last months has seen the birth of its first porting.

Today, in fact, we show you the Flyme OS on board a device Elephone and, more precisely, the much talked about P7000, of which we have already spoken to you in ours Full review.


Elephone P7000 with Flyme OS, the focus of GizChina.it

Totally revolutionized compared to the interface launched by Elephone on board his P7000 at the time of its presentation, the Flyme OS is anything but a rom with a "Google Experience" style interface, as, as you all know by now, it is characterized by very colorful and well-finished graphics .

Beyond those that are the graphic features of the rom, the Flyme OS is certainly better equipped in the functional area compared to the stock of Elephone which has practically a quarter of the options available instead in the home system Meizu. Most of the functions of Flyme can be found, for example, in the newly created “Security” application, which integrates a series of possibilities and functions for managing applications, internal archives and, in fact, ROM security.

As for the actual performance during everyday use, with Flyme OS 4.5 (based, among other things, on the version of Android 5.1 Lollipop), poco we deviate from the stock rom, even if in the classic operations, such as surfing the internet or operations within the system itself, the whole interface seems to flow more fluidly.

The result obtained in benchmarking with Antutu it proves to be slightly lower than the stock rom (where it is possible to earn poco more than 1000 points); moreover, it is curious to note that this Roma undoubtedly comes from the Roma stock of Meizu M1 Notes, since both Antutu and the device information show the name of the low-cost smartphone Chinese company (probably with a slight change to build.prop it will be possible to change the name of the device, but this is not of fundamental importance).



Also, if you decide to download and install the rom on your own Elephone P7000, you have to manually install (as on all the Meizu of Chinese origin and not international) the Play Store and i Google Play Sevices; the procedure is always the same, that is, both via the App Center, search for “Google Installer” and in a few seconds you will also have the Google market fully and perfectly functional on the launcher.

The procedure for installing the rom is described in full on the Elephone forum, to which we refer you both for the download and for all the instructions necessary for the installation of the Flyme OS on board Elephone P7000.