Mini LED Projector, the review of

VGA projector

Often we happen to review more or less interesting accessories that can be combined with our devices to increase their functionality.

This is the case of the device object of today's review, a Mini LED Projector that we have tested in recent weeks and which we propose our in-depth study.

VGA projector

Il Mini Projector is available for purchase on at the price of dollars 70, about 62 € with shipping directly from China. It will still be possible to win the projector by yourself dollars 63 (about 55 euro at current exchange rate) thanks to our discount code pro521.

Mini LED Projector, the review of

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Mini LED Projector - Packaging and accessories

VGA projector

The sales box of the device is rather "spartan" and contains a set of accessories essential for its use:

  • Wall power supply in European format;
  • infrared remote control to control the device;
  • short, well illustrated user manual in English.

Mini LED Projector - Design

VGA projector

Il design of this device is quite linear and is characterized by a body made of rigid plastic with a good assembly that gives the device a feeling of strength.

The dimensions are of 160 x 145 x 70 mm thick for a total weight of 520 grams. A device, therefore, not very light but allows thanks to its rather small size a good portability.

Let's briefly analyze the layout of the keys:

VGA projector

On the upper profile we find the navigation and playback keys.

VGA projector

On the rear profile, on the other hand, there are three anti-slip feet and an input to connect a stand.

VGA projector


On the back are positioned from left to right: the entrance for the power supply, a door USB, a pore HDMI, an entrance VGA, connections AV-IN, EF e TV as well as a small one system speaker.

VGA projector

The left profile, like the right one, has an air intake and the slot for micro SD to 64 GB.

Mini LED Projector - Technical Specifications


The device allows playback of content in resolution only VGA (320 x 240). This resolution does not allow you to enjoy a good quality of the content reproduced above all in the case of a film.

It is recommended to use more in the professional sphere of the same to view images, presentations and content via HDMI or to play short, complex movies.

The lamp is a LED da 16 Watt with contrast of 200:1 and brightness of 50 lumens which are barely sufficient to properly illuminate the projection support. The manufacturer guarantees the lamp for approx 20.000 hours of use.

Il focus, manual, goes from 10 to 100 inches allows a discrete adaptability of the device to multiple areas of use in relation to the space available. The projection distance, on the other hand, goes from 0,5 a 3.5 meters

Il single speaker of system placed on the back returns a not very high audio and not suitable for listening to dialogues and / or film content.

Mini LED Projector - Software


The device is equipped with a multilingual software, Italian including, with which you can manage multiple aspects of the terminal such as the switch between video sources and playback of Audio, Video and Images.

The projector natively supports many of the most popular formats like .mp4, .flv, .avi, mp3, . Jpeg, . Png. If with the images and the audio we do not find particular problems, in the use of the same with the video formats we will have some difficulties of reproduction due to slowdowns and lag in the interface especially with high resolution files.

The use of the device combined with one is recommended HDMI source from which to reproduce their contents without too much trouble.

Mini LED Projector - Conclusions

The use and purchase of this device is recommended for anyone looking for a terminal to play with short films in the professional field, images, musical contents.

It is not recommended, however, for use as a living room in the high definition video playback given the resolution VGA.

Il Mini Projector is available for purchase on at the price of dollars 70, about 62 € with shipping directly from China. However, it will be possible to win the projector for only dollars 63 (about 55 euro at current exchange rate) thanks to our discount code pro521.