Meizu M2 Note, the exclusive review of

Meizu M2 Notes

It is certainly one of the devices that, among the most anticipated in the mid-market, has aroused much interest and some bad mood immediately after the official presentation.

We are talking about Meizu M2 Notes, successor of the highly appreciated Meizu M1 Notes, which today is the subject of our exclusive review.


We want to thank you for sending the sample reviewed here, which will be available for purchase in the coming weeks, as always with the possibility of taking advantage of a discount on all products in the catalog through the voucher GIZCHINA.

Meizu M2 Note, the exclusive review of

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Meizu M2 Note - Sales package


The device sales box is characterized by a simple design, with the name of the device on the front and some complete technical specifications on the back.

Inside the following accessories are included:

  • Two small user manuals;
  • a USB-Micro USB cable;
  • a wall power supply in European format;
  • a paper clip to remove the SIM slot;
  • a pair of earphones (not present in our sample, but included in the retail package).

Meizu M2 Note - Complete specifications


Il Meizu M2 Notes It is characterized by a Sharp IGZO display from 5.5 inches with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels with brightness of xnumxcd / mxnumx, processor octa-core Mediatek MT6753 with architecture a 64-bit, 2 GB of LPDDR3 RAM, GPU Mali-T720 e 16/32 GB of internal memory expandable through slot micro SD (to be inserted alternatively to first SIM).

The device also comes with a stand Dual SIM LTE (both SIMs. format Nano), a battery from 3100 mAh, rear camera by 13 mega-pixel to 5 lenses with blue glass filters, opening F2.2 and protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3, front camera from 5 mega-pixels with sensor OmniVision OV5670 a 4 lenses with opening F2.0 e wide angle to 69 ° e Flyme OS 4.5I based on Android Lollipop 5.1.

Meizu M2 Note - Design


There are no particular design differences between this device and its predecessor.

Meizu M2 Notes vs Meizu M1 Notes: comparison gallery

The dimensions of the M2 Notes are of 150.9 x 75.2 x 8.7 mm thick for a weight, battery from 3100 mAh included not removable, of about 148 grams.

The main differences between the two terminals reside in the shift of the on / off key from the upper profile to the left lateral profile and in the introduction of a frontal physical button, called by the company mBack, which allows go back with a touch, return to the home with full pressure and to lock the terminal with one prolonged pressure.

The introduction of this system turns out to be rather uncomfortable, in particular because, from time to time, the touch is not well received and the consequent action is not performed correctly. In this sense, the classic would have been preferable soft touch circular button, much simpler and more intuitive, used on the Meizu M1 Notes.

Let's see the arrangement of keys and inputs:


On the right profile is the slot for inserting the two SIMs in Nano format or the micro SD instead of the first SIM.


On the left profile we find the volume rocker and the on / off button.


At the top are the 3.5 mm jack for headphones and the second microphone for environmental noise reduction.

meizu-notes-2-7At the bottom, instead, we find the micro USB port, the main microphone and the single system speaker.


Frontally we find at the top the capsule, a white monochromatic notification LED, the brightness and proximity sensors and the camera from 5 mega-pixel.


At the bottom, however, the previously mentioned physical button mBack.


On the back, finally, we find the camera from Mega-pixel 13 with Dual Dual Tone LED Flash and at the bottom the logo Meizu.

Meizu M2 Notes - Display


The display of the Meizu M2 Notes consists of a unit from 5.5 inches with Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels which in our tests has shown the typical reliability and quality to which Meizu he got used to it in his terminals.

The color rendering is very satisfying, with blacks quite deep even at maximum brightness and with excellent management of viewing angles.

Good also the brightness, not very high, impeccably managed by the appropriate sensor that gradually and precisely scales the various levels.

Il touch screenfinally, it is excellent in every area of ​​use, with an instantaneous touch reception that guarantees excellent fluency in writing and navigation.

Meizu M2 Note - Internal memory


The internal memory of our sample is from 16 GB (a variant from 32 GB) allocated in a single partition from 14.68 GB, Of which 2.92 GB occupied by the operating system. It is possible to expand the same through micro SD, to be placed in the first SIM slot, thus giving up the possibility of using two SIMs at the same time. The protocol is present OTG.

Meizu M2 Note - Performance and benchmark

Il Meizu M2 Notes It is moved by the processor octa-core Mediatek MT6753 with architecture a 64-bit accompanied by one GPU Mali-T720 e 2 GB of RAM.

This hardware configuration guarantees satisfactory performance, but at the same time lower than theM1 Notes, not only in the field benchmarking, which often do not return a realistic data on the performance, but also in the daily user experience.

The terminal struggles above all in the graphic area, where the GPU it suffers from some bottlenecks in the rendering of content, also visible in the gaming test, which, although suffering from lag and obvious jamming, has returned a user / gaming experience that is not exciting.

Il Meizu M1 Notes, in comparison, it is certainly more performing in the graphics field thanks to the more powerful GPU and, probably, to a better general optimization.

Results of the benchmarks made with the Meizu M2 Notes:

Meizu M2 Note - Antutu benchmark

Meizu M2 Note - Real Racing 3 Gaming Test

Meizu M2 Notes - Audio

The single system speaker placed on the lower profile of the device returns a good quality audio, but with a not very high volume. The use of the terminal to listen to music is therefore poco consigliato.

Meizu M2 Note - Connectivity and telephony


As already pointed out above, the Meizu M2 Notes It is characterized by a double SIM slot (both in Nano format) with the possibility of switchare hot via software connectivity LTE between them.

The connection of the signal is stable and fast even when changing the cell and guarantees excellent navigation speed and reliability of use both in 3G in that 4G.


As for telephony, however, the device allows you to make excellent phone calls thanks to the headset that returns a clear and clear sound and the microphone that captures the voice in a faithful way.

No probema, however, regarding the WiFi and Bluetooth, the latter tested with Xiaomi Mi Band, Xiaomi Mi Scale ed L.

Also excellent GPS which performs a cold fix in about 30 seconds, keeping the signal stable during use.

Meizu M2 Note - Cameras


The rear camera of the Meizu M2 Notes is characterized by a sensor from 13 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.2, blue glass filters, protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and a double Flash LED Dual Tone.

The overall yield of the shots taken in good conditions of ambient light is certainly of a good level, both in terms of chromatic fidelity and in terms of sharpness and details reproduced. The focus and shooting are very fast and even in motion the shots are rather stabilized. In some cases, however, the software, in automatic mode, tends to overexpose the framed subjects.

The shooting interface of the stock application is typical of the devices Meizu, without particular innovations in terms of functionality.

In "night" the device behaves satisfactorily, even if not excellent, presenting an acceptable digital noise level.

Il dual Flash LED it performs quite well and turns out to be powerful and calibrated. In some cases, however, the lighting is not optimal and returns shots that we could define as "subdued".

Here are some shots:

The front camera from 5 mega-pixels with sensor OmniVision allows you to take very detailed selfies and very defined video calls.

Here you will find a complete photo gallery of the shots made by the Meizu M2 Note.

Good, finally, the videos, although not excellent, which have a decent digital image stabilization.

Meizu M2 Note - Video Recording Test

Meizu M2 Note - Battery

Il Meizu M2 Notes mounts a battery from 3100 mAh, 40 mAh less thanM1 Notand, allowing you to reach the end of the evening with approx 3 hours and 45 of screen lit. with the use of two SIMs simultaneously and the continuous switch between connectivity LTE e WiFi in balanced mode. Taking advantage of the performance mode we reach the 3 hours on screen turned on.

Some problems, however, regarding the software optimization of the new one Flyme OS, which, on several occasions during our tests, has suffered from remarkable Battery drain caused by the operating system Android Lollipop (this problem afflicts multiple devices equipped with this OS).


Meizu M2 Notes - Software



The device is moved by Flyme OS 4.5I based on Android Lollipop 5.1, the last official distribution of the green robot, which on this device runs very well with a truly remarkable fluidity.

We do not notice particular implementations with respect to the previous version of the Flyme OS, which stands out for its already appreciated minimal and elegant style, both in the menus and in the interface.

As already mentioned, the device suffers from some defect of youth with regard to i consumption, but hopefully can be optimized in the next system releases.

M2 Meizu Photo Gallery Notes:

Meizu M2 Notes - Final considerations

We conclude this review with a question: "Is it worth buying the Meizu M2 Note preferring it to the M1?". Our answer is definitely: "No". In fact, we find ourselves in front of a terminal that, on balance, the company could without any problem avoid marketing.

The introduction of the physical button does not provide a real improvement of the user experience, especially for the failure to implement a fingerprint reader. All this without considering that, in this way, one has also renounced one of the "symbol" elements for Meizu fans.

Except for the latest version of the Flyme - which will also arrive for Meizu M1 Note anyway - and the possibility of memory expansion via micro SD, on the M2 Note we do not find any substantial news to prefer it to the previous device in the series, especially considering the least powerful hardware in terms of performance.

The only element "in favor" of this device could be the launch price lower than the M1 Note, which, in our opinion, at the moment still remains the best solution to purchase in the mid-market segment. But then, what is the meaning of this internal cannibalization by Meizu? Let us know in the comments what you think.

We thank again on which you can buy the device, as always with the possibility of taking advantage of a discount on all the products in the catalog through the voucher GIZCHINA. The Meizu M2 Notes it is also available for purchase on,