EasyCast OTA on offer on GearBest.com

EasyCast OTA

One of the best-selling accessories in recent months is definitely the chromecast realized by Google, device capable of streaming audio and video content from the smartphone to the TV.

Today we recommend a device with similar functionality but that costs almost half of the stick Googlewe are talking about the EasyCast OTA.

EasyCast OTA

L'EasyCast OTA it's a WiFi dongle which allows the mirroring of contents, like the chromecast, both on terminals Android means Miracast with either iPhone exploiting the protocol AirPlay.

The device, as the name implies, supports an update system OTA which allows him to receive bug fixes and new features quickly.

L'EasyCast OTA is available on offer on GearBest.com at the price of dollars 12,92, about 11,90 euro at the current exchange rate.