OnePlus releases the Oxygen OS 1.01 with the touchscreen fix


OnePlus has released a new update for his ROM proprietary Oxygen OS destined for OnePlus One which introduces the fix to the touchscreen.

Only yesterday we have brought you the news of the release of the new one Cyanogen OS 12 to OnePlus One which has fixed multiple bugs including the now known touchscreen problem.


Today the development team ofOxygen OS has released a new update introducing the fix to the touchscreen also in ROM owner of OnePlus.

Furthermore a tool was created on XDA in beta phase that allows the "migration" from Cyanogen OS 12 to the Oxygen OS without losing your personal data saved on the device.

This could be the last update of theOxygen OS until the official presentation of the OnePlus 2 which will mount an updated and improved version of the ROM.