Xiaomi: announced new Mi Power Bank from 10000 mAh to 10 Euro! [Update: also portable fan from 3 euro]

The Chinese giant Xiaomi these days has not only presented and then put on the market its highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi Note Pro with 2K display, 4GB of RAM and SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 revisited, also announced the new model di We Power Bank da 10000 mAh.

This new version of Xiaomi powerbank, coming to the Chinese market starting today at the price of 69 yuan (about 10 euro), resumes the lines of the 10400 mAh version but compared to this lost weight in volume of about 21% - according to Xiaomi, thanks to the use of new LG and Panasonic technology batteries.

Xiaomi Mi Bank

Made entirely of aluminum and available in the three versions silver, champagne gold and red, the Mi Power Bank from 10000 mAh automatically adjusts the energy output and offers a conversion rate of 93%. Fully charged, resurrected for 2.1 times the Mi Note, 3.5 times the iPhone 6 and 1 once the iPad Mini.

Xiaomi Mi Bank

It will come on sale along with the multicolored protective covers made of silicone (six different colors), the latter sold at the price of 19.9 yuan (about 3 euro).

[Update] Xiaomi has also unveiled the new one Xiaomi Portable Fan, a portable mini fan in different colors that can be connected to a USB socket, sold at the price of 19.9 yuan (about 3 euro). According to the company, if connected to the Mi Power Bank by 16000 mAh, the Mi Portable Fan could last continuously for around 62 hours.