Xiaomi Mi Pad: Lei Jun denies rumors about the end of production!

Xiaomi Mi Pad

The CEO and founder Xiaomi Lei Jun had to intervene in person to deny the rumors that they were talking about ainterruption final of the production the Xiaomi Mi Pad.

When we think of Xiaomi, the products that come to mind are not only Android phones but also wearable, bluetooth speaker, action camera, and various accessories. obviously, even tablets. Just about the latter we speak today: the Xiaomi Mi Pad, tablet with significant potential, was the first big tablet to equip itself with the super performing SoC Nvidia Tegra K1.

Mi Pad vs iPad Mini

Although Xiaomi has repeatedly stated that its tablet is one of the best-selling Android Os models ever, we do not know exactly how many Mi Pads have been sold so far. The fact is that, however, in the last few hours, the indiscretion that the company could stop its production forever is spreading in China.

According to these rumors, Xiaomi would have encountered many difficulties in the sale of his Mi Pad so much as to jeopardize the idea of ​​a possible Mi Pad 2. The voice has reached the ear of Lei Jun who, with a tweet on his weibo account, wanted to deny the indiscretion immediately.

Xiaomi Mi Pad

If the 2 Mi Pad has sold so much, why not organize a 2 Mi Pad with updated specification sheet? Maybe with a little more RAM and 4G LTE module integrated, no?