Meizu: smartwatch, router, fan and power-bank the 2 June? | teaser

Meizu M2 Notes

From Italy it is not always easy to check all the changes made by a Chinese company like Meizu, especially if we are talking about a mysterious registered weibo account. That said, a couple of weeks ago, Jack Wong's company opened an account on the social platform with the name "我 就是 个 做 配件 的", relating to unidentified people smart accessories.

It will be a coincidence, but last night, the Meizu staff released four on the net new teaser images concerning the next launch event of the 2 June; all four images that would seem to conceal details of new products.

Meizu Meilan wearable band wearable screen

According to some Chinese insiders, the images would be suggesting the arrival of new intelligent accessories, in particular:

  • portable fan;
  • power-bank;
  • smartwatch;
  • wireless router.

We also want to remember that between 10 days the Chinese company should also unveil its highly anticipated Meizu M2 Notes.