Xiaomi Mi4: New price cut for the Indian market!

Xiaomi Mi4

India is not famous for the wealth of its population but, lately, the number of consumers in that country with pockets deep enough to buy a famous Xiaomi Mi4 it has grown considerably. The Chinese giant, in fact, has decided a relevant one price cut for its high-end smartphone which, we are sure, hides relevant clues about the next MiLaunch2015.

The launch of a new product on the market is always a delicate moment for a company, which must find the right balance between prices, stock availability and internal competition. Xiaomi, which knows these issues well, waiting for its next global event has already begun to reshape its price list and, it seems, to decrease the stocks of the products that will be replaced.

Xiaomi Mi4 cut price

In this perspective, the price cut that today has affected the Indian market, therefore, is a clear indicator that the rumors about a forthcoming Mi 4i (also known as Xiaomi Ferrari) could have a good basis of truth.

The "old" Xiaomi MI4, in any case, is even more competitive today. The Chinese giant has opted for a cut of around 2000 Rupees 30 Euros at the current exchange rate, which carries the price of the version from 16 GB for 17999 Rupees (267 Euro) and that of the version from 32 GB to 21999 Rupees (326 Euro). The list of the model from 64 GBfinally, from today it stops at 23999 Rupees, about a quarter 365 Euros.

Xiaomi mi4

The effect of this price cut, which currently does not involve Western buyers, could soon have repercussions also on the international retailer market, with evident benefits for us Italians as well. Finally, we remind you that the famous Chinese flagship phone, strong in its Snapdragon 801 and 3 GB of RAM, is a slightly dated model certainly still very valid. For more information about Xiaomi Mi4 see the our complete review!