Xiaomi and BMW | announced collaboration!

Although the main dish has not yet been served, Xiaomi today has already announced a particular collaboration, one partnership that for the next few weeks will hold her to a global car giant like BMW. Let's find out the details!

The announcement announced today does not, at least for the moment, refer to any software development project dedicated to the automotive industry. The mutual use of brands will allow both manufacturers to merge and mix their values ​​throughout the BMW Experience Day 2015.

Xiaomi BMW

This program will allow users not only to be able to carry out some tests with the cars made available by BMW China but also to try some Xiaomi products for the smart-home sector. All in a single splendid setting that, presumably like a caravan, will stop in 10 cities of the People's Republic: Suzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Xi'an, Hefei, Shenyang and of course Beijing.

According to rumors, this would only be the beginning of a more lasting collaboration between Xiaomi and BMW.