Soocoo S60, the review of

Soocoo S60

In recent weeks we have proposed our full review of the Zeblaze Ishot 1, action camera characterized by a great accessory package and good performance.

Today we offer, instead, the full review of the Soocoo S60, "twin" product of the Zeblaze Ishot 1 as this is a re-brand of the same.

Soocoo S60

La Soocoo S60 is available on offer (still for a few days) at approx 87 € su with shipping from China. Once the offer has expired, it will still be possible to take advantage of a discount, exclusive for you readers of, through the voucher GBS60.

Soocoo S60, the review of

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Soocoo S60 - Packaging

Soocoo S60

La Soocoo S60 is contained in an elegant black box that contains a large park accessories. In comparison to Zeblaze Ishot 1 we do not find any news in the offer. In addition to the Cam, in fact, we find an armband, bicycle hooks and modular stands, a bracelet for remote control, two 3M stickers, a opinion feeder in European format e a user manual.

Comparative photo gallery between Soocoo S60 and Zeblaze Ishot 1:

Soocoo S60 - Design and Materials

La Soocoo S60 it is characterized by a very compact and minimal design and for a weight of approx 116 grams, battery by 1050 mAh included.

Soocoo S60

Analyzing it in detail we see that:

Soocoo S60

In the front part is placed the sensor da 12 mega-pixels accompanied by a double LED Flash, from model name at the front and a "squared" weave surrounding the sensor.

Soocoo S60

In the back part the display from 1.5 inches and the navigation keys in the following order, from left to right: modality, Menu, Ok, Flash e Back and forth as well as two status LEDs, the first, red, which indicates the registration in progress and the recharge, while the second, in color green, indicates that the device is on.

Soocoo S60

Below is present hooking to which you can connect the various supports supplied.

Soocoo S60

On the upper part, however, we find one interlocking clip, orange in our sample, to open the device and access the battery compartment and the buttons power on and recording / shooting.

On the right side, finally, there is the slot microSD and the micro plug HDMI, protected by a hermetic closure, which can be opened, for example, with the help of a coin. This hermetic seal guarantees impermeability of the device in case of immersion in water and in fact the same is certified IP68. I followed a video test of the waterproofness of the Soocoo S60:

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Soocoo S60 - Sensor and photo quality

Soocoo S60

La Soocoo S60 is characterized, as already said, by a sensor from 12 mega-pixel with wide angle from 170 ° which in our lyrics has proven to be very performing in all shooting circumstances, especially at night.

The device records at the maximum resolution of 1080p with 30 fps with sound captured good enough (sins when we remove the device from the audio source, as the microphone, as well as on the zeblaze, is unidirectional) and a excellent white balance even in the night phase.

As happened for the Zeblaze Ishot 1, even in this case we were pleasantly impressed with the yield of the terminal in the evening, especially in dark or poorly lit environments, In which the Soocoo S60 has returned quality shots and well balanced.

The only difference from the photographic point of view compared to the Zeblaze Ishot 1, consists in the difference calibration of the white balance, more tending to the yellow on the Soocoo S60.

As regards, however, the quality of the Scatti made, let's say immediately that this device is more suitable for video shooting than for photos, which, in fact, turn out hardly focused, even in the face of one good color rendering. The software still seems to manage better, compared to the zeblaze, the shooting phases with slightly more defined images.

Some shots of the Soocoo S60:

Soocoo S60

The battery of the Soocoo S60 is a drive from 1050 mAh which allows you to record up to approx one hour / one hour and a half uninterrupted; duration that is decreasing with the use of features Wifi, some two LED Flash and the infrared bracelet.

Soocoo S60
As regards, instead, the memory of the device, we point out that it is necessary to use one microSD external, up to a maximum of 32 GBotherwise the same, due to the absence of internal storage, cannot be operational.

Soocoo S60 - WIFI and Remote Control

La Soocoo S60 It is equipped with functionality WiFi and remote control through the appropriate bracelet supplied.

Il WiFi it is implemented by exploiting the technology hotspot, so by activating the aforementioned functionality on the device, it will generate a network WiFi with SSID Soocoo. To let the smartphone communicate with the Cam we will have to download the appropriate application Soocoo from Play Store and connect to the network WiFi generated by the device.

Through the application, which differs from the application of the Zeblaze Ishot 1 for certainly more accurate graphics and greater fluidity during use, you can view in real-time what is framed by Cam and take photos and videos simply with a tap. Moreover, always from the application, we will be able to transfer the files from the microSD inserted within the Soocoo to the internal memory of our device.

Gallery of the Android application interface:

Remote control is also possible via bracelet supplied characterized by two keys, one for the recording / shooting and the other for the break. The connection is via infrared on frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Soocoo S60– Software

Soocoo S60

The device is equipped with a Multilingual owner software (including the Italian language) that allows you to change various settings regarding settings e how to use.

Navigating within the menus you can change the maximum resolution of the photos (12 mega-pixel), the video recording format, date and time, setting whether to display them in the video, if splitting videos into small clips, balance and exposure adjustment options and finally i WIFI connectivity settings.

Unlike what happened on the Zeblaze Ishot 1, we did not find any problems regarding the saving date and time set on the cam. Therefore, once the battery has been switched off and / or removed, the date and time previously set will remain saved without problems.

Complete gallery of the Soocoo S60:

La Soocoo S60 It is recommended for anyone looking for one action camera at a great price to be used exclusively for video shoot taking advantage of the many accessories supplied, with the plus of water resistance with certification IP68. Compared to Zeblaze Ishot 1, this device presents a most edited Android software it's a decidedly lower price.

La Soocoo S60 is available on offer (still for a few days) at approx 87 € su with shipping from China. Once the offer has expired, it will be possible to take advantage of a discount, exclusively for you readers of, through the voucher GBS60.