Xiaomi YiCamera available from international retailers!

Xiaomi Yicamera

A few days have passed since official launch on the Chinese market of Xiaomi YiCamera, the aggressively priced Full-HD sports camera that intends to unseat the famous GoPro. The high interest shown by consumers has prompted international retailers, attracted by the possibilities of profit, to accelerate their warehouse times to guarantee immediate availability.

We remind you that the awaiting action camera, based on a sensor from 16 Megapixel made by Sony, until now it was unfortunately impossible to find outside the Chinese borders. The device, in fact, was initially marketed through the online store Mi.com, reserved for the internal market only.

Xiaomi Yi Camera Unboxing

Resellers, in this context, act as a useful bridge between the eastern country and the rich western market, allowing in a short time the purchase of a device otherwise unavailable for us. Waiting for Xiaomi to open the first official European storetherefore, we can already buy the waiting Xiaomi YiCamera at Honorbuy.com (formerly known as Xiaomishop.com).

The toll required by this store, unfortunately, is not among the cheapest. The price for this action camera, in fact, has been set by the retailer at $ 99.99 (approx 90 Euros at current exchange rates), decidedly high when compared to the official Chinese price list of 399 Yuan (less than 58 Euros). We note in any case that this request, still competitive with the main competitor GoPro, will probably be revised downwards thanks to the effects of competition.

Xiaomi Yicamera

Recall, finally, that Xiaomi YiCamera is a latest-generation device that weighs 72 grams and has WiFi, Bluetooth and a useful one App for Android. Furthermore, the device can take pictures and videos with a maximum resolution of 1080p @60fps (with codec H.264) and use time-lapse and slow-motion. For more information we recommend unboxing and gallery of the first tests carried out on this device.