Xiaomi Roaming Card - Farewell to roaming data abroad!


The characteristic that more than any other can differentiate MIUI from the other custom-ROMs it is undoubtedly the enormous amount of services offered, the discreet degree of personalization and the attention, really maniacal, for the details. Day after day, not least the project Xiaomi Wallet, the appeal of this version of Android increases more and more!

According to a popular Asian hi-tech portal, Xiaomi Roaming Card it would expand the package of services offered by the current MIUI V6, guaranteeing users the possibility to travel without having to worry about boring roaming tariffs (however, unfortunately, not yet reduced even in Europe ...).

Xiaomi Roaming Card

Without buying a physical SIM card and a related data connectivity service, Xiaomi will still allow its users, thanks to a dedicated app, to go on vacation in tranquility - there are currently seven countries in which operation would be ensured: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Korea, the United States and Canada.

The MIUI team is already working to test this service. Soon, probably, it will arrive in both the developer and the stable version.