Xiaomi - My 2 TV from 55 4K is official!

Xiaomi MiTv 2 55 inches

A festival full of emotions and twists and turns that is celebrating in Beijing to celebrate Xiaomi's first 5 years of activity - in addition to the special version of Xiaomi Mi Note, Xiaomi Redmi 2A, the smart scale, the multi-outlet power strip, Xiaomi has surprised us again and has unveiled its new smart TV - Xiaomi Mi 2 TV from 55 inch 4K!

No 3 TV as originally thought (probably the third generation of Xiaomi smart TVs will bring even more innovation), the new Xiaomi device intended for living room entertainment is a giant with a diagonal 55 inch. The name suggests a substantial resemblance to the canonical version of 49 inches (and so it is, in fact), compared to the latter, however, that unveiled today, receives a substantial upgrade under the hwardware profile.

MiTv 2

It will come equipped with a Samsung RGB LCD display in 4K 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution with innovative Radiant backlight panel, MNX XAXXA6 processor from 928 Ghz (1.4K video decoding up to 4 frames per second, hardware support H.60 265bit), GPU Mali-10 MP760, 4B of RAM DDR2 and 3GB of internal memory.

That's not all - the HDMI interface sees an 2.0 version update and 4K H.265 playback support up to 60 frames per second. The Xiaomi Mi 2 TV will also come with a Soundbar 6.2 speaker, wireless aluminum sub-woofer with the latest type available in the Dolby Sound audio. A mix that, according to the company, would be able to revive a similar experience to the Dolby 5.1.

The Xiaomi Mi 2 TV will arrive on the Chinese market starting from the next 8 April sal price of 4999 yuan (about 743 euro at current exchange rate). This price includes Soundbar and aluminum sub-woofer.