Spotted mysterious Nubia device with Windows Phone!

Nubia WM

Microsoft seems to have woken up from the long slumber, the project Windows 10 it is taking shape more and more and seems to attract more and more partners, even in the Far East. Not only Xiaomi in fact, even another big Chinese landscape would seem to be interested in the future developments of the Os of Redmond.

In fact, for a few minutes, some shots have emerged on the network that would bring back a mysterious device belonging to the series nubian run an unspecified version of Windows Phone - a clear sign, a testimony of value, of the attention that even Chinese manufacturers are devoting to the future of Microsoft.

Nubia WM

From what is possible to steal from the images, the mysterious insider that shows the Nubia terminal with Windows Phone on board, should be exactly at the Grand Hyatt in Shenzen for the WinHEC 2015.

The shape of the device is very reminiscent of the current Nubia series (different then from that glimpsed for the phantom Z9), also characterized by the use of protective glass on both sides and aluminum for the construction of the structure.