[MWC 2015] Lenovo announces its Pocket Projector

Lenovo Pocket Projector

Lenovo after announcing the new smartphone range and a new tablet with Windows 8.1 al MWC 2015, officially presented an accessory that can be used in combination with a device Androidwe are talking about a portable projector.

Il Pocket Projector made by Lenovo it interfaces with the devices Android exploiting the technology Miracast, present from Android 4.3 onwards, for the transfer of images.

Lenovo Pocket Projector

The projected image reaches the maximum size of approx 110 inches to be used in the environment carefully overshadowed. The optical engine achieves the contrast of 50 lumens that guarantees a yield of bright, lively and well-defined image.

Furthermore, the projector can be used using the protocol DLNA or by entering one microSD up to 32 GB in the appropriate slot.

Short gallery of Lenovo Pocket Projector:

Il Pocket Projector di Lenovo will be available starting this month for the price of 199 dollars, about 178 euro at the exchange rate.