[MWC 2015] Intel Announces New Atom Series x3, x5 and x7 Processors

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Intel has announced the new processors belonging to the Atom series, now divided into three bands: Atom x3, Atom x5 and Atom x7.

The new SoCs are intended for future smartphones and tablets and in fact they include an integrated modem for mobile connectivity.

Intel Atom X3

The solutions belonging to the series X3 - code name Sofia - there are three: the entry-level x3-C3130, equipped with a processor dual-core to 1GHz e 3G modem; the x3-C3230RK, consisting of four cores at a clock of 1.2 GHz, and the x3-C3440, for an quad-core at a clock of 1.4 GHz equipped with connectivity to networks 4G LTE of 6 category (until 300Mbps in download).

The series Atom X5 ed X7instead, they represent the successors of Cherry Trail and are based on the current ones Intel Atom Bay Trail. The Atom X5 ed X7 they are the first company processors made in 14 nanometers and include the new eighth-generation Intel GPUs.

Also present connectivity to networks LTE 4G, guaranteed by Intel XMM 726x modem, that allows you to take advantage of the 4G LTE networks of the sixth category, in addition to technology RealSense 3D, al True Key security and Pro WiDi for wireless displays.


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