JiaYu S3, the review of GizChina.it!

JiaYu S3

By popular demand today we offer you the highly anticipated review of JiaYu S3, the new Top of the range of the company equipped with a processor MediaTek MT6752 a 64-bit.

We thank the official Italian dealer of JiaYu products - eJiaYu.it - to send this sample, available on the store in pre-order at a price of 219,00 €but as always it is available for you readers of GizChina.it il GIZJIAYUIT discount code useful for obtaining a price reduction.

JiaYu S3

JiaYu S3, the review of GizChina.it

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The full specifications of the JiaYu S3

Lo JiaYu S3 comes with a  IPS with diagonal from 5.5 inches and FULLHD resolution 1920 1080 pixels x (440ppi).

As mentioned in the introduction, the octacore processor is present on the device MediaTek MT6752 equipped with architecture a 64-bit and clock a 1.7GHz, flanked by a GPU Mali-T760, 2GB di RAM (Advanced version with 3GB of RAM is also available) 16GB di internal memory expandable via micro SD up to 64GB.

The photographic sector consists of a camera back da 13 mega-pixels e front da 5 mega-pixels, while completing the technical specifications of the JiaYu S3 the Dual band 802.11 a / b / g / n WiFi, the support dual SIM dual stand-by, connectivity LTE 4G (TD-LTE + FDD-LTE global), the Bluetooth in version 4.0, for an double stereo speaker, a battery from 3100mAh and operating system Android KitKat 4.4.4.

JiaYu S3: Design

Lo JiaYu S3 is the Top of the range of the company that replaces the previous S2, from which it differs, as well as for the form factor, even for construction materials, less valuable because the S2 is made entirely of metallic materials, while this S3 in plastic, while maintaining an excellent overall level of assembly and construction.

The general dimensions also change, as the S3 is characterized by a larger display - from 5.5 inches - which if on the one hand favors a better use of multimedia content, on the other hand penalizes the usability of the device, in particular in one-handed use.

The front part is characterized, as well as the classic sensors of brightness and proximity and the capsule, for a Notification LED and the camera with sensor from 5 mega-pixels. Below the three soft touch keys - menu, home and back - external to the display and backlit.

JiaYu S3

The left side is "clean".

JiaYu S3

On the right side there is the on / off and stand-by button and the volume rocker.

JiaYu S3

Later we find the main camera from 13 mega-pixel with dual LED flash and, at the bottom, the JiaYu logo and the double stereo speaker.

JiaYu S3

On the lower edge we find the micro USB connector and the main microphone.

JiaYu S3

While, finally, on the upper edge the 3.5 mm jack for headphones and the second microphone for the suppression of environmental noise.

JiaYu S3

The handle appears secure and not slippery and is favored by the back cover chamfering.

The dimensions of the JiaYu S3 are 151,5 x 75 x 8,9 mm for a total weight, battery from 3100mAh extractable including, of 160 grams.

Below are some comparative photos showing the dimensions of the JiaYu S3 compared to the Meizu M1 Note.

JiaYu S3: 5.5 inch FullHD display

The display of the JiaYu S3 is, as anticipated, a unit IPS diagonal with 5.5 inches and FULLHD resolution 1920 1080 pixels x, which translates into a pixel density of 440ppi. The screen is also protected by a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

JiaYu S3

The display of this JiaYu S3 is very bright and clear, with excellent colors and a good viewing angle.

In general, that of the JiaYu S3 is an excellent panel and the device is also characterized by a fairly reactive brightness sensor in automatic adjustments as well as a very fluid touchscreen.

JiaYu S3: Software

The JiaYu S3 is characterized by a ROM based on Android KitKat 4.4.4, with a customization applied by the manufacturer which, as we have already pointed out in the unboxing, clearly follows the UI of Oppo's ColorOS, sometimes, as in the case of the settings menu, even completely copying the interface.

Among the most interesting aspects of this ROM we find the now common gesture Smart Wake, ie those through which you can, for example, wake up the device with a double tap on the display off, with one swipe to the other or even open directly app by drawing on the display of the letters.

Functionality of which we have spoken extensively in previous reviews and for which I have repeatedly emphasized the usefulness.

The ROM runs very well on the device. In fact, the system is always very fluid and responsive and from this point of view the 2GB RAM of this version seems to be enough (about 1GB "free" in start-up conditions).

JiaYu S3: performance and benchmark

As already mentioned at the beginning, this JiaYu S3 is equipped with MediaTek MT6752 64-bit octa-core SoC at 1.7GHz, a Mali-T760 GPU and 2GB of RAM in this "Basic" version.

With an endowment like this it is normal to expect excellent performance that, in fact, this device is able to offer.

JiaYu S3 AnTuTu Benchmark: 41.200 points.

Here are all the other scores obtained by the JiaYu S3 in the various benchmark tests:

JiaYu S3: Gaming Test with Real Racing 3

For the activities of a graphic nature we find one GPU Mali-T760, a card that we could already appreciate in other reviews and that even on the JiaYu S3 has confirmed its excellent performance.

On Real Racing 3, in fact, the reproduction of the elements of the game is excellent and the details are at best (including the reflection in the rear-view mirrors).

The game runs very smoothly and without jamming and so gaming is promoted on the JIaYu S3.

JiaYu S3: Telephone part and 4G navigation

As anticipated in the opening, the device is equipped with dual SIM support and 4G LTE connectivity and from this point of view I have not detected any particular problems, obviously where the coverage to the new "fast network" is present. The level of reception of the device is quite good, even if, from time to time, my interlocutor told me to hear a return, an echo of his own voice.

The audio is quite high but not very clean; good enough even in the headset capsule, while it is excellent in the headphones.

In the audio settings, moreover, it will be possible to activate the optimization and enhancement of the audio, in fact, for the earphones, for the speaker and those related to the audio surround.

However, despite the presence of the double stereo speaker, the audio compartment is not the highlight of the JiaYu S3.

JiaYu S3: GPS, bluetooth and WiFi

On the JiaYu S3 we find the Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac, the Wi-Fi HotSpot, the Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS with GLONASS. The connectivity compartment works perfectly and, therefore, I consider it unnecessary to dwell on these aspects.

JiaYu S3: Camera quality

JiaYu S3

As already anticipated at the opening, this JiaYu swimming flagship is equipped with rear camera from 13 mega-pixels with sensor Sony IMX214opening F / 2.0 and double LED flash.

For your selfie, however, you can rely on the front sensor from 5 mega-pixels, thanks to which you will be able to obtain good results in terms of color rendering and sharpness, as long as you shoot in good lighting conditions.

In general, the photographic equipment of this JiaYu S3 guarantees very good shots in all light conditions.

The camera app is the stock Android one. As for shutter speeds, both focusing and shooting are fast enough.

Let's now see some samples. Let's start with the macros and close-ups which, as you can see, are very well detailed:

Daytime shots are also very good:

With the decrease of the general brightness is visible a little 'noise, however not excessive, while in low light, although we are faced with photos not excellent, the device can capture enough light.

The HDR yield is also interesting:

As on other devices with already tested MT6752 chipsets, it is not possible to reproduce our test movie in 3K with the H.4 codec, even on the 264, while, even in this case, no problem with the MKV at 1080p.

JiaYu S3: 1080p video recording test

Not bad video recording to 1080p, although in the presence of moving objects is a bit 'of video noise. Stabilization to improve.

JiaYu S3: Battery

The battery installed on this JiaYu S3 is a removable unit from 3100mAh that is characterized by an autonomy in the media, thanks to which you will be able to conclude a day of intense use with both active SIM, alternating 3G / 4G connectivity and WiFi , with approx 3 hours di screen lit..

An autonomy that certainly needs to be improved, especially considering the 3100mAh battery capacity.

JiaYu S3: final Thoughts

In conclusion I can tell you that this JiaYu S3, in everyday experience, has satisfied me, even if, unlike its predecessor S2, it does not "upset" at first glance due to a somewhat more anonymous design.

To make a comparison is a bit like those German cars a few years ago that, although very basic, guaranteed a great efficiency and reliability.

JiaYu S3

And reliability is the aspect on which JiaYu seems to have worked a lot with this S3, fully recovering the gap that had been created with other Chinese manufacturing companies.

From today onwards, therefore, from this company - which we, and I imagine you too, are very fond of - it is reasonable to expect good things. Brava JiaYu, we are very happy with your rebirth!

Thank you again eJiaYu.it to send this sample of the JiaYu S3 available, in pre-order, on the store at the price of 219,00 € but, as anticipated at the beginning, it is available, for you readers of GizChina.it, the discount code GIZJIAYUIT thanks to which you can buy the device at a lower price than the sale price.
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