Find 7 reloaded: Oppo Find 7 and Find 7a at a discounted price with numerous gifts!

Oppo Find 7 Reloaded
Photon Ultra

Among the various terminals that have populated the dreams of enthusiasts during the last year there are certainly, thanks to a prohibitive price for many, home devices Oppo. Today, more than a year after the official launch, thanks to the promotion "Find 7 Reloaded”You can buy a Find 7 or Find 7a copy with numerous tributes and to a discounted price!

The passage of time inexorably leads to obsolescence of all technologies, but not all products age with the same speed. Oppo Find 7 and its variant FullHD Find 7a, for example, are devices that are in many ways still current that, in addition to the obvious lack of 64-bit support, have poco to envy their young descendants.

Oppo FIND 7

These two terminals, in fact, mount a very good one Snapdragon 801 and can count on a good photographic sector during last year's review, impressed us favorably. The attention dedicated by Oppo to the respect of quality standards and the proverbial attention to detail, then, have made these phablets from 5.5 inches so interesting to be still appealing today.

The Find 7 Reloaded offer, which comes on the heels of the recent price cut for the Chinese market, is available on the OppoStyle website and includes a price list of 349 Euros to Oppo Find 7a and one of 429 Euros for the version with display 4K Oppo Find 7. Included in the price numerous accessories, among which we remember the screen protector, the Easy Cover, the iLike Bluetooth headphones, VOOC charger and a MicroSD Sandisk from 32 GB.

Oppo Find 7 Reloaded

This is obviously a decidedly tempting offer, which allows a saving of about 200 Euros compared to the previous price list. It is no coincidence that the purchase of the 4K version does not currently seem available, probably due to the number of requests, while no problems have been found with the Find 7a model.

Therefore, if you are interested in the proposal, we advise you not to wait too long when making the order!