Color OS Camera for OnePlus One: Version G released with new controls on manual exposure

OnePlus One Sandstone

A few days since the last update of the porting area of Color OS Camera per OnePlus One, today we propose a further update of the application.

Porting has reached the Version G with improvements regarding the reorganization of the video shooting mode collected in a special menu and new related features at manual exposure.

OnePlus One Sandstone

What's new in Version G of the Color OS Camera port for OnePlus One:

  • Aligned the app version with the latest original Color OS Camera 2.0.50;
  • added video shooting mode selection menu;
  • new quick manual exposure mode: tapping on the screen a Sun icon will appear from which you can quickly change the exposure.

The installation procedure is always the same:

  • Download the apk from HERE and install it (if you had a previous version you do not need to uninstall it) or download the zip from HERE and flas it away Recovery
  • Download the plugins you wish to install from HERE
  • (Optional) Although not necessary, we advise you for the first time after installing the update to still delete application app cache and data Color OS Camera.