Xiaomi ready to open an online store in the US but will not sell phones!

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On yesterday's day, Xiaomi he held an event in San Francisco and, more precisely, in Silicon Valley. During the event, the company announced the opening - scheduled for the next few months - of an online store in USA.

Apparently though, Xiaomi will not sell phones and tablets, but only accessories, such as, for example, the earphones Xiaomi pistonsWe Band and Power Bank.

Mi Band dismountedOne of the reasons why Xiaomi does not seem willing to sell their smartphones in the US is due to the environment MIUI (which has recently reached 100 million active users), which, at the moment, is characterized by numerous services intended for Chinese users and poco suitable for the American market.

As if this were not enough, there are numerous certifications that must be submitted to devices intended for the American market, to which must be added the service and distribution centers to be opened in the US.

It should also be said that in the American market there are many users who prefer to buy new devices through telephone companies rather than on the manufacturer's website, a practice that is very common in China and other markets.

In short, the road to Xiaomi it is still long but the opening of an official online store is already a good sign. The hope is that Europe will soon be able to benefit from an official sales channel, at least for accessories.

I wonder if the prices will remain competitive as in the Asian markets or if they will suffer a drastic increase. We just have to wait for the next few months to see if the Chinese giant will continue to maintain the quality / price ratio typical of its products even outside the Asian continent.


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