Oppo Find 7: price cut in China. Symptom of the launch of Find 9 soon?

Oppo Find 7 price cut in China

Oppo Find 7 is certainly one of the most famous smartphones among those of the Chinese brands that were launched in 2014 by poco finished.

It's been around 12 months since Oppo introduced the Find 7 and its Find 7a variant to the world, with some hardware differences such as a lower RAM cut and a less resolute display.

Oppo Find 7 price cut in China

In the last few hours, the Chinese company has made a cut in the Chinese sale price of the Oppo Find 7, making it pass from 2999 Yuan (About 422 €) to 2499 Yuan (About 352 €).

If you appreciate Oppo as a manufacturer you will know, then, that Find has become, over time, a line of top-of-the-range smartphones on which the company has always focused a lot.

For some time we talk about the notorious Oppo Find 9, successor of the current Find 7 and the most plausible hypothesis, gained by virtue of this price cut, is to see the new top of the range presented soon.

Currently, the only specs speculated for the Oppo Find 9 are the 5.5 inch display and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, Skyline notification LEDs and VOOC fast charging technology.

A small reflection, before closing: in addition to the hypothesis of the short presentation of the new Oppo flagship, it should also be said that despite the Find 7 is still a very valid device, its selling price has never fallen over the months and this is certainly not the prerogative of Oppo given the fierce competition that offers similar specifications at lower prices.

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