Li Nan: "The 2015 goal for Meizu is not to sell 20 million units, but it cannot be ruled out from happening"

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Meizu is, of course, one of the best Chinese smartphone manufacturers, thanks to products of the highest level, at a quality / price ratio among the best in the market and also thanks to a very popular user interface in the Android panorama.

If this morning we showed you an official teaser published by Meizu itself, now we return to talk about this company following some statements issued by Li Nan, Vice President of the company, published on his profile Weibo, the well-known Chinese social network.

Meizu VP - Li Nan

In the post published by Nan we talk about an amount of 20 million units. This number indicates the total of Meizu devices that the company could sell at the end of 2015. The use of the conditional is a must for a reason closely linked to the current sales volumes reached by the Chinese manufacturer: the numbers speak, in fact, of an average of around 1 million units sold each month, with a peak of 1.5 million reached last month. If this average of 1.5 million / month is maintained then the "goal" of the 20 million units sold will be closer, even if doing the calculations, 1.5 million x 12 months = 18 million units sold.

However, while this is not the real goal of 2015, the fact that Li Nan mentioned a similar figure makes us think that he himself believes that this goal can be achieved. For this to happen, however, as already calculated, the monthly sales volumes will have to increase.

Finally, we remind you that Meizu has obtained a very important investment amounting to 590 million dollars, disbursed by Alibaba, the world's number one giant in online sales, which has made a fundamental commercial agreement with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Meizu itself to exploit the enormous logistics and communication power of Alibaba.

This could be the best interpretation for which monthly sales volumes can increase as already anticipated.

We'll see what happens.

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