Asus ZenPower: 9600mAh power bank rival of the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank!

Asus ZenPower

We all know the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank, the external battery with an excellent capacity sold at a very aggressive price and almost ridiculous for what it offers.

But if Xiaomi is among the leaders also in the accessories sector, the other producers certainly do not want to make it easy for them by giving them the title. In this regard, a very famous company like Asus, presented its Asus ZenPower, a power bank from 9600mAh that intends to act as a direct rival, precisely, of the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank.

Asus ZenPower

The Asus ZenPower is equipped with three 3200mAh batteries, one integrated into it, to reach, in fact, the total capacity of 9600mAh.

The batteries are protected by a case made of 11 layers. The Asus ZenPower is sold with the possibility of being further protected thanks to the comfortable protective rubber "shells" in different colors (in Xiaomi Mi Power Bank style).

Asus ZenPower

Currently we do not know what the price of Asus ZenPower will be, but it is plausible to expect its presentation at the MWC 2015 in Barcelona.

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