A leaked photo shows us part of the first Meizu smartwatch!

Meizu Meilan wearable band wearable screen

Meizu M1 and M1 Notes were the first terminals of the Meilan series, known internationally with the name Blue Charm. This sub-brand, which according to some rumors should also market non-telephone devices (such as Blue Charm router), may soon welcome the first Meizu smartwatch!

In recent years Meizu, initially known for the production of MP3 players, has become a very important reality in the smartphone sector. Following in the footsteps of the biggest manufacturers (Xiaomi above all), the Chinese company has recently also intensified its efforts to expand its core business to sectors deemed vital for the creation of a valid and profitable ecosystem of products.

Meizu Logo


Unlike the other giants, however, the Chinese company's strategy (today embodied by the Meizu Connected program) has so far been based on collaborations with other manufacturers. Many of you will remember, for example, that Meizu at the launch of MX4 ha announced inWatch Pi MX4 Edition, the first wearable ever sold by the Chinese company.

InWatch MX4 Edition


The Meizu leaders, in reality, must not have greatly appreciated the collaboration between their company and the wearables manufacturer. The image leaked, in fact, would show the top of a future Meizu smartwatch of the Meilan series designed and built entirely within the company.

Meizu Meilan wearable band wearable screen

In addition to the presence of the traditional white Meizu circle, which usually represents the home button, the photo unfortunately does not suggest other details on the characteristics of the wearable future. Observing the image carefully, however, we cannot see the presence of an LCD display. The lack of this element, if confirmed, would indicate a simple and cheap device, probably a competitor of Xiaomi Mi Band.

The next Meizu smartwatch, therefore, will almost certainly not be an Android Wear device. We will obviously continue to follow these rumors, hoping that the Chinese company will launch a competitive product, with many functions and good autonomy!