Xiaomi Mi Note Pro: A leaked image shows MIUI 6 and Android Lollipop

Xiaomi Mi Note

Last 15 January Xiaomi presented to the world the brand new Xiaomi Mi Note and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. The latter, as the name suggests, is the premium version of the first, which is differentiated by the adoption of a Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 810 octa-core 64-bit and 4GB of RAM.

As you will surely remember, Android Lollipop 5.0, the latest release of the Google home operating system, has been developed and optimized natively for 64-bit architecture processors.

Xiaomi Mi Note Plus with MIUI 6 and Android Lollipop

For a few hours an image has emerged on the net, which you see above, which would show the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro with Android Lollipop 5.0 on board with MIUI 6 user interface. Note how in the image the device is shown with the wording Mi Note Plus.

If this image, extrapolated from the system report detected by AnTuTu Benchmark, turns out to be true then it would prove a very smart choice by Xiaomi, to equip your device with 64-bit SoC with the version of Android optimized to make the device perform at its best.

But not only that, because this choice could be a trailblazer to see in the near future, perhaps sooner than expected by Miuiers around the world, a MIUI 6 version on an Android Lollipop basis for the other Xiaomi devices already on the market.

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