Xiaomi Mi Box Mini: Official new set-top box. Exclusive Italian Unboxing!

Xiaomi Mi Box MIni

Among the products presented by Xiaomi at the launch event just ended, in addition to the Xiaomi Mi Note and the Xiaomi Mi Headphones, the new Xiaomi Mi Box Mini was also official.

The latter is nothing but a smaller version of the already known and sold Xiaomi Mi Box.



The Xiaomi Mi Box Mini is large 1 / 4 of the size of the Mi Box. In such a small space, almost like an electric company, it is able to enclose 282 electrical components, with a motherboard size equal to 1 / 3 of the size of a credit card.

Full specifications see a Cortex-A7 quad-core processor ad 1.3GHz, GPU Mali-T450 MP4, 1GB di RAM, 4GB of internal memory, 802.11 WiFi a / b / g / n / ac dual band, Bluetooth 4.0, support to H.265 codec with reproduction of contents FullHD 1080p, audio Dolby Digital e DTS.

Everything that is already included in the Mi Box Mini, simply plug it into the electrical socket and it will be ready for use.

To control it there is a bluetooth remote control.

The launch price of this Xiaomi Mi Box is of 199 Yuan, about a quarter 27 €.

Before closing, some images of a first unboxing in Italian exclusive for you readers of!

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