THL announces its presence at the MWC 2015 with an official teaser

THL MWC teaser

THL is one of many Chinese smartphone manufacturers, which in recent months has been noted for two very interesting devices, namely the THL 4000 e THL 5000, two devices that share a very important aspect and should not be underestimated: a very large battery.

In the last hours the company has published a rather clarifying image, which shows how THL will be present to the next MWC 2015 of Barcelona to be held at the beginning of March.

THL 5000T

The teaser image you see at the beginning, in addition to reporting the explicit initials of the MWC, also mentions the phrase "Start thinking about what comes next in the world of Android - MWC2015 / Barcelona"(start thinking about what will come in the Android panorama).

In addition to this sentence there is the profile of a device that would seem to be equipped with a metal frame and satin frame, and the obvious reference to a biometric sensor for reading fingerprints, highlighted by the colored symbol inside the teaser, which shows the veins of a fingerprint.

The image that instead you see above concerns a device identified as THL 5000T that, judging by the name, has the air of being the successor of the THL 5000.

Apart from the back shell that shows the camera with LED flash and system speaker placed at the bottom, we know nothing else.

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