Oppo updates the Color OS for Find 7 and Find 5, with some unpleasant surprises

ColorOS by Oppo, porting of the launcher and the App

Oppo has closed the 2014 presenting the next update of his personalization of Android, called coloros, which will soon reach the version 2.0.4.

La color OS It is available on the whole line-up of Oppo, especially on the top of the range Find 7, currently stopped at 2.0.

OS 2.0.4i color

La OS 2.0.4i color will see the introduction of some interesting features:

  • The ROM will embrace the development branch of 4.4.2 Android KitKat
  • new wallpapers
  • Free-halt 2.0 for using the one-handed device
  • Task Manager boosted
  • Easy Crop for editing and cropping screenshots
  • new Bees 2.0 for the camera with the introduction of third-party plugins and a new widget menu

The update will soon be available in version BETA per Oppo Find 7a / 7, below the video presentation:

Oppo Find 7a / 7 were not the only devices affected by an OS update, even theOppo Find 5 has been updated by the company, with some unpleasant surprises.

Color OS Oppo Find 5 KitKat

Through an official post, Oppo released a alpha version di KitKat with interface color OS for the 'Oppo Find 5, top of the range of the past generation, but unbelievably it did not turn out to be compiled and realized from the company's engineers but it is nothing but a port of theomnirom, known independent alternative ROM, adapted from Oppo through the method of the PatchRom.

Beyond the damage also the insult for OmniROM, as on the part of Oppo there was no thanks or citation Developers of the ROM, arousing the wrath of users.

To bring calm, the company intervened with a official announcement, apologizing for the incident and giving the due credits to OmniROM. The justification of the second incident Oppo is to be found in the lack of engineers, currently working on new top of the range of the company and not available for the development of devices of the previous generation.

At present the ROM released by Oppo still presents numerous bugs:

  • NFC not working
  • The Color OS camera is not optimized
  • There are no gestures on the screen off

A bad figure for Oppo that we hope will lead the company to spend more time on their devices just passed, avoiding other episodes of this kind.

What do you think about this? You would do again trust in Oppo?

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