Nvidia Tegra X1, new mobile SoC for the 2015, powerful twice as much as Tegra K1!

Nvidia Tegra X1

Nvidia has officially presented the X1, new solution System-on-a-Chip dedicated to the mobile panorama, with twice the power of the one released by the Tegra K1!

L'Nvidia Tegra X1 stands as the SoC with the most powerful GPU ever created in a mobile environment.

Nvidia Tegra X1

L'Nvidia Tegra X1 it's a SoC octa-core to 64-bit (ARM Cortex A57 + 4 ARM Cortex A53), with Maxwell GPUs at 256-core e productive process a 20nm.

This data translates into a "brute power" from the top of the class in terms of graphics performance which, based on specifications and what the company communicates, are comparable to those of 15 supercomputers years ago and those of game consoles.

The Nvidia Tegra X1 is able to record video in 4K a 60fps with native support for codecs H.265, H.264, VP9.

As for the photographic aspect, it will be able to capture images with resolution up to 1.3 Gigapixel.

As shown by Nvidia in his presentation conference held a few hours ago at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, it is precisely in rendering video that the performance of this X1 are stunning. You can see the results of some benchmarks shown in the images that follow.

Nvidia promises 40% lower consumption than the previous Tegra K1. Complete compatibility with popular graphics standards such as DirectX 12, Unreal Engine 4, Cuda, OpenGL 4.5, OpenGL ES 3.1 and Android Extension Pack.

This translates into greater flexibility and simplicity for developers to port video games from PC to mobile.

The new 256-core Maxwell GPU allows you to achieve record performance in the order of TeraFLOPS, guaranteeing the Tegra X1 the supremacy of first processor mobile in the world a raggiungere this goal.

I Flops (abbreviation of FLoating point Operations Per Second) represent the number of floating point operations (i.e. on decimal numbers) that the CPU can perform in the unit of time. Most commonly the flops value is calculated in units per second.

You will understand, therefore, that obtaining a result in the order of teraflops, for a GPU designed for mobile devices, means breaking down every limit up to now existing.

Nvidia Tegra X1

In the demonstrations performed at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, the performance increase of this Tegra X1 translated into an increase between 40% and 100% compared to the Tegra K1.

In addition to smartphones, tablets and mobile in general, this Nvidia X1 has also been designed for the automotive sector, with use in the most advanced infotainment systems.

This new SoC should be available by the middle of the 2015, we'll see if this date will be respected or if, instead, Nvidia will delay once again as it has done in the past.

Below is the official Nvidia release and some demonstration videos.

“We see a future where cars move on their own, where robots and drones see and teach, with such high intelligence that it is even difficult to imagine. These will make driving safer, improve city safety and generally improve the quality of our life. Huge breakthroughs in visual technology and visual computing are needed to realize this dream. The super chip Tegra X1, with its teraflops of power, is a giant step towards this technological revolution! " - Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and co-founder, NVIDIA

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