Nubia Z7, the review of in Italian exclusive!

Universal Z7

In today's review we will talk about a very interesting device, namely the Universal Z7, Top version of Gamma of the new Z7 series by Nubia, equipped with a processor Snapdragon 801 with support dual dual SIM 4G e with resolution 2K.

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Universal Z7

Nubia Z7, the review of

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The new Nubia Z7 line

As we had anticipated in the review of the Nubia Z7 Mini, ZTE presented, for its sub-brand Nubia, three devices, the Z7, the Z7 Mini and the Z7 Max, designed to replace the previous Z5 line. After having proposed the complete review of the Z7 Mini, today we will see together that of the Z7, the real top of the range among the three belonging to the line. Among the most interesting innovations of the three Nubia Z7 devices we find support Dual SIM and 4G LTE connectivity, accompanied by specifications at the top.

Nubia Z7 dual sim LTE Nubia Z7 Mini, the review of the true Flagship Killer!

All three models are, in fact, equipped with chipsets Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, in different versions MSM8974AC da 2.5Ghz (Nubia Z7 and Z7 Max) e MSM8974AA da 2.0Ghz (Nubia Z7 Mini).

The three devices differ, as we had already anticipated in the review of the Nubia Z7 Mini, for the allocation of memory RAM (3GB on the Nubia Z7 and 2GB on the Max and the Mini) and for the size and resolution of the display: from 5.5 in 2K 2560 x 1440 pixels to Nubia Z7, 5.5 in FULLHD in Z7 Max and 5 in inches FULLHD in Mini.

The complete specifications of the Nubia Z7, Z7 Max and Mini

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Nubia Z7: Design

The Nubia Z7 design matches that of the other two smartphones in the series, namely the Mini and Max, but with the addition of a metal perimeter frame, through which the smartphone looks very durable, as well as, of course, more elegant.

Universal Z7

On the left side we find the removable tray for the insertion of the two SIM cards.

On the right side there are the on / off and standby button, the volume adjustment button and the shutter release button for pictures.

On the lower edge we find the micro USB connector and the microphone.

Universal Z7

On the upper side there is space, instead, the 3.5 mm jack for headphones and earphones and the second microphone for environmental noise suppression.

Universal Z7

At the back we find the system speaker, the Sony 13 mega-pixel camera with dual LED flash (dual tone) and the Nubia logo, elegant and chrome.

The test sample is characterized by the classic double Nubia coloration, that is the white of the back cover and the black of the front. However, as already happened for Mini and Max, also for this Z7 an All Black version will most likely be made available.

In general, the Nubia Z7 is a very well-assembled device, perfect in every detail and absolutely free of construction imperfections.

The grip of the phone is comfortable and safe, while I did not find very clever positioning of the control buttons and, in particular, that of the volume rocker, in my opinion set too low and, therefore, subject to involuntary pressures in handle itself, due to which I often found myself with the device with the volume at a minimum.

Position of the volume bar that would have been smarter elsewhere, maybe higher.

Nubia Z7: d5.5 inch 2K isplay

Il of the Nubia Z7 is a panel with diagonal 5.5 inch QHD with resolution 2560 1440 pixels x, which results in a density of 538ppi.

Universal Z7

The display is very bright and sharp but, speaking individually of the colors, I found a red a bit subdued and a white a bit grayish. The black is also not very deep and I noticed a slight overflow of the backlight on the upper edge of the display.

Obviously I speak of a notable detail only after a thorough analysis of the panel. No problem in the reproduction of other colors. More generally, in everyday use, the panel is excellent and very visible even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Universal Z7

Excellent also the brightness sensor that always intervenes promptly, when the brightness is set to "Auto", to adjust the same according to the lighting conditions that surround us.

Another important detail is the ability to change the color preferences in the settings, where you can choose and vary the color temperature and color saturation according to your personal tastes.

Nubia Z7: supplied software

On this Z7 is installed a ROM on an Android KitKat 4.4.2 with Nubia UI 2.6.1 user interface, very complete and with some additions and improvements compared to the 2.5 version, which we have already seen in the Nubia Z7 Mini.

Nubia Z7: performance and benchmark

As already anticipated in the opening, the Nubia Z7 is equipped with hardware from true top of the range. We speak, more specifically, of a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core a 2.5GHz with Adreno GPU 330. To complete the performance aspect of this device we find the 3GB di RAM, useful to make the already optimal use and play experience even better with a SoC and a GPU of this caliber.

A first level hardware that allows you to always have maximum fluidity despite the large amount of pixels that must be managed due to the presence of the QHD display.

Nubia Z7 AnTuTu benchmark: 40.196 points.

Here are all the other scores obtained by the Nubia Z7 in the various benchmark tests:

Nubia Z7: Gaming Test with Real Racing 3

As already widely anticipated, the GPU mounted on this Nubia Z7 is the Adreno 330, top model that we have already seen mounted on the Nubia Z7 Mini.

The performances obtained by this device, even in the gaming phase, are of the highest level and not even a title like Real Racing 3, famous for the amount of polygons that must be processed at the GPU, was able to put in difficulty this Nubia Z7.

Remember, however, that this title is optimized precisely for this GPU.

The fluidity of the game was always excellent, with the detailed display of all the elements reproduced in the rear-view mirrors.

The only comment concerns the accelerometer that has to be recalibrated because, during the game - as you can see from the video below - the car tends to go to the left.

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Nubia Z7: Telephone part and 3G navigation 

The reception quality of the Z7 Mini is quite good, with average reception (tests performed with H3G and TIM operators).

The audio in the ear capsule is excellent, as is the audio in the headphones. The audio with the system speaker is also very loud and clear, so no problem from this point of view.

Navigation 3G / 4G (4G when available) perfect. Fast and without any uncertainty.

Nubia Z7: GPS, bluetooth and WiFi

Just two words on GPS, bluetooth and WiFi: simply perfect!

Nubia Z7: Quality of cameras

Universal Z7

The Nubia Z7 is equipped with a Sony camera da 13 mega-pixels, with opening F / 2.0, dual flash LEDs with double tone, blue glass filter and optical image stabilization (OIS), thanks to which you will be able to achieve excellent levels of shooting in macro and close-up, even if made in low light conditions or with artificial light, such as, for example, indoors

As we have already seen in the review of the Nubia Z7 Mini, the Nubia UI 2.0 is equipped with a very complete camera app that allows us to select 3 shooting modes: auto, problems e .

As already mentioned, the macro and the first plans are excellent and, more generally, the shots made during the day.

We are not at the Xshot levels, but anyway the photos taken with this Z7 are really very good.

Here are some sample macro.

Nubia Z7 macro

Even in low light or artificial light, as anticipated, the macros are still very good.

Also good color management in the backlight, especially with active HDR mode. Here is an example shot:

Nubia Z7 backlighting

In the night shots you can see a little 'noise, but the sensor still manages to capture enough light for the realization of good photos in every condition of brightness.

Following other daytime shots.

Finally, here's a shot taken with the dual active LED flash. As you can see, the flash illuminates the portrait subject evenly, without overexposing it excessively.

As for the video part, the Nubia Z7 reproduces all the most popular formats, including divx, mkv and mp4 movies with 4K resolution.

Excellent bitrate and high-level audio reproduced, thanks to the sound chip advanced AK4961 produced by AKM, which allows an accurate, powerful and crystalline reproduction of the reproduced audio. The qualities of this chip are perceptible in the listening test that you can hear in the video review, as well as in the same you can appreciate the goodness of video playback.

Nubia Z7 video recording test in 4K

Nubia Z7: Battery

Universal Z7

The autonomy of the non-removable battery da 3000mAh of the Z7 is probably the main weakness of this device. This aspect is undoubtedly due to the energy-intensive 5.5-inch QHD display, which increases the device's consumption.

Even the use of the two SIM cards increases the consumption that will be more "standard" if you decide to use this Nubia Z7 with only one SIM.

In these days of testing I found insufficient autonomy to cover a whole day of intense use (about 12 hours of use with less than 3 hours of display on). Only once did I manage to get 4 hours of display on, but it was an isolated episode, but in general the autonomy never allowed to exceed 3 hours of screen on. With an average use of the device, however, it is possible to go until the evening.

Nubia Z7 battery

However, things definitely improve by activating the mode powersave, available by default on the Nubia UI ROM.

Nubia Z7: final Thoughts

The Nubia Z7 is an excellent device, with a feature-rich ROM and powerful hardware, with the "gem" of dual SIM support.

The less demanding can certainly do without a device like this, as the alternatives on the market are many, more "economic" and in any case of excellent quality.

But those looking for the Top and, above all, high quality want to associate the dual SIM support, can not buy this terminal, despite the very high price.

All this despite some aspects of the device are not yet at the Top, such as, for example, the battery life and the photographic sector which, however, although not at the levels of the Vivo Xshot, however, showed an overall quality that is absolutely above average.

Thank you again for the sample of this Nubia Z7 sent to me and for the GIZTOP discount code, reserved exclusively for you readers of

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