Meizu Connected: here are the new Smart products dedicated to wellness and home!

Meizu Connected RyFit

The presentation event Meizu Connected ended this morning and we have finally seen all the rumors that have followed in recent weeks take shape.

After having presented the complete technical specifications of the Meizu M1, now we'll talk about the new ecosystem dedicated to the well-being and the home that Meizu has developed in collaboration with Haier, thanks to the partnership of which we had already spoken before.

Meizu Connected

Before going into the details of each single product, we want to show you how Meizu has worked well also in terms of logistics and distribution, thanks to a commercial agreement that involves Goodaymart e Alibaba, two of the main Chinese names related to logistics, sales and distribution.

The basic concept designed by Meizu is very simple: to improve people's lives thanks to smart accessories that can be controlled from your Meizu smartphone thanks to the dedicated LifeKit application.

Meizu Connected App

The products of the ecosystem created in collaboration with Haier, which can be managed through LifeKit, are Haier Air Box, Haier Air Cube, Haier Tianbo Air ConditionerX-Light Plus Smart Lamp e RyFit.

RyFit - The intelligent scale

RyFit is the first of the accessories that Meizu has designed for well-being. Its function is very simple: analyze body weight thanks to its integrated sensors that allow you to check the percentage of lean mass, fat mass, the content of liquids within our body and our basal metabolic rate.

The data are then transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0 to the LifeKit App which keeps track of it, giving daily feedback by planning the program to follow to improve your nutritional and weight maintenance habits.

The sales price of RyFit is of 199 Yuan, about a quarter 28 €.

X-Light Plus Smart Lamp - The multi-chromatic remote control bulb

This product is a novelty for the Meizu ecosystem but it is not an absolute novelty in the panorama of smart home accessories.

In the case of X-Light Plus we talk about a smart light bulb with LED technology

Through the LifeKit App it will be possible to turn the X-Light Plus on and off, also deciding the ambient lighting color.

Another interesting aspect is that of being able to turn on the light bulb through pre-set environmental situations such as day, dawn, evening and atmosphere.

The X-Light Plus is equipped with the universal attachment E27 which allows it to be applied to any lamp or chandelier with this attachment. Inside they are present 18 LED that allow a uniform diffusion of light, able to reproduce up to 16 millions of shades of color.

The declared consumption is around 6W. The selling price of this X-Light Plus Smart Lamp is from 119 Yuan, about a quarter 17 €.

Haier Air Cube and Air Box - Haier-branded air purification and ventilation systems

Air Box and Air Cube are two accessories that, as the names can already guess, are responsible for improving the air quality of the environment where they are placed. The launch of these two products did not happen today in conjunction with the Meizu event: Air Box and Air Cube are already on the market but thanks to the partnership that Meizu and Haier have made it will now be possible to control them through the LifeKit application, which will to interface with the integrated system thanks to the Haier U + standard development SDK that the Chinese appliance manufacturer has made available to Meizu in order to realize the collaboration.

Air Cube is nothing more than an environmental detector that, in conjunction with a smart air conditioner like the Haier Tianbo Air Conditioner, allows to improve the air quality based on its percentage of humidity.

Air Cube, on the other hand, is an environmental purifier like the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier. Its functioning is the same as the latter: purify the air of the place where it is placed to improve the quality of life of the tenants.

Meizu has shown that he wants to compete on equal terms with the company philosophy of Xiaomi and to do so has presented a partnership with a solid foundation to do well. We'll see how everything will evolve.

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