IDC publishes 2014 sales results: upcoming Xiaomi and Samsung downhill

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Each quarter, the sales data obtained by each manufacturer belonging to the mobile sector are analyzed. These data show the evolution, changes and trends to which the market is subjected.

IDC (International Data Corporation) is the American company that carries out these market analyzes and has, from poco, published the results referring to Q4 of 2014.

IDX Report Producers Q4 2014

As we can see from the ranking, Samsung is the manufacturer with the highest sales percentage found in the Q4 2014, ahead of Apple and Lenovo (Lenovo sales are calculated as the sum of Lenovo + Motorola).

To close the Top Five we find Huawei and Xiaomi. Such data is rather explanatory of the slice of the market that are increasingly obtaining the Chinese smartphone brands.

Looking at the sales numbers in detail, Samsung lost 11% of the market compared to 2013 and 8,82% compared to Q4 2013.

In contrast, Xiaomi had 178,6% growth over the 2013 fiscal year and an increase of about 10% compared to the Q4 2013.

In total, 2014 million smartphones have been sold in the 375,2, 28,2% more than the 2013, a sign of how this is an ever expanding market, even if it is not a necessity.

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