Here is the best Chinese Android smartphone of the 2014 according to you readers!

best Chinese Android smartphone of the 2014

A few days ago we asked you to participate in a survey to "elect" the best Chinese Android smartphone of the 2014 and today, finally, it's time to take stock!

About 40 smartphones from various manufacturers and belonging to different price ranges were included in the survey. What will be the best Chinese Android smartphone of 2014 for you readers?

best Chinese Android smartphone of the 2014

1 ° place - Xiaomi Mi4

With a total of 1.432 votes we close this poll that decrees the victory of one of the most popular 2014 smartphones: lo Xiaomi Mi4 - which is awarded 267 voti, equal to 18.6% of the total -, recently launched (finally!) in the version with support for 4G LTE networks.

Xiaomi mi4

2nd place - Meizu MX4

The second place goes to a smartphone that, launched in the last months of 2014, has immediately conquered the hearts of fans of Chinese mobile telephony: the Meizu MX4 won the second place with 181 votes, Equal to 12.6 % of the total.

Meizu mX4

3rd place - OnePlus One

One of the most talked about smartphones of 2014 instead wins the lowest step of the podium. The third place, in fact, goes to OnePlus One, the flagship Killer that (not considering the discussions on the real initial availability of the device) has redefined the pricing of Chinese Android smartphones. The OnePlus One wins the third place with 172 votes, Equal to 12 % of the total.

OnePlus One

4th place - Vivo Xshot

Just 6 votes away from the OnePlus One, the Vivo Xshot, on the other hand, wins fourth place. In 166 (Equal to 11.6 % of the total) you have expressed your preference for what can be considered without a doubt the best the camera-phone of the 2014, still waiting for a rival to its height from the point of view of the performance of the photographic industry.

Vivo Xshot

5 ° place - Huawei Honor 6

Excellent result for the Huawei Honor 6, a smartphone with which Huawei has dealt a blow to the market. Excellent performance, pleasant design and competitive price are the ingredients of what is one of the biggest commercial successes of 2014. Honor 6 wins the fifth place with 135 preferences, Equal to 9.4 % of the total.

The company also recently presented an updated version of the device, the Huawei Honor 6 Plus, already reviewed by us at

Huawei Honor 6

These are the 5 best Chinese Android smartphones according to you readers of, but the ranking continues with other interesting devices, namely the Meizu MX4 Pro (102 votes, equal to 7.1%), the H (61 votes, equal to 4.3%), the Nubia Z7 Mini (34 votes, equal to 2.4%), theOppo FIND 7 (30 votes, equal to 2.1%) and lo Zopo ZP999 / 3X (29 votes, equal to 2%).

2014 was a great year for Chinese Android smartphones and the devices reported in this survey are proof of that. Whether 2015 will truly be the year of the definitive consecration of the Chinese mobile phone industry remains to be seen.

With us at you will have, as usual, a front row seat to watch this new and exciting film! Take a seat as well!