[Guide] How to remove the back touchpad of the Kolina K100 +!

Kolina K100 +

If you own the Kolina K100 + or you have read ours Full review, you will have understood that adding a back touchpad it was a very bad choice by the manufacturer, because in everyday use this feature is inconvenient and generates a lot of nervousness due to unwanted phone actions.

Unfortunately, this setting can not be turned off via the stock firmware, but you can install one Alternative ROM that does not change the user experience excessively but completely deactivates the functionality of the back touchpad. In this guide I will explain to you, step by step and as clearly as possible, how to do this.

WARNING: I will impose this guide to also facilitate the less experienced to modding on Android, however I remember that potential errors in performing the following procedure are likely to "brickare"The device, that is to block its functionality in a permanent way. GizChina.it assumes no responsibility about any kind of problems arising in compliance with this guide.

Having concluded this necessary premise, we can begin.

I inform you that I spent days reading forums of different nationalities to be able to understand which was the best alternative firmware, that is not affected by serious bugs or that excessively modifies the functionality of the Kolina K100 +. In the end I found a custom version of the ROM stock, modified by a user of the web, who has removed the function of the back touchpad and deleted all the Chinese pre-installed apps. Moreover, this firmware presents the unlocked ROOT permissions, excellent news for many readers. In my test I have not found any bug whatsoever, the only compromise is the need to install separately the Google Apps, but I will also illustrate this procedure.

Preliminary notions for newbies (if you are expert skip this paragraph):

  • La recovery it's something like a internal parallel operating system on the phone, it serves to repair the software in case of malfunctions, or to carry out advanced operations for the maintenance of the device. To access the recovery on the Kolina K100 + the phone must be switched on while holding down the ON / OFF e VOLUME +, as soon as the logo appears, press and hold the VOLUME + button but release ON / OFF. The recovery interface will start, in which you have to move using the volume keys and select using the power button;
  • flashing means installing a firmware or a specific part of it in the phone;
  • Le Google Apps are the package of apps that allow the phone to connect to your Google account (Play Store, Calendar etc.);
  • Il Flashtool is a tool for Windows that allows you to flash a firmware on your phone, connected at the right time via USB to the PC.

Before starting, make sure that the following steps are followed:

  • I USB driver of the phone have been installed in your computer. To be sure, first connect the Kolina K100 +, to, at the computer, and wait for the drivers to be installed. At the end turn off the phone, and connect it to the PC again, waiting for it to be recognized;
  • Download the Flashtool, required for installation, from this link. Extract the folder inside the archive on your desktop;
  • The phone battery must be charge at least 80%.

We are ready to start:

First of all we have to install the Custom recovery: download the necessary files from this link, at the end of the download, extract the folder from the archive and place it on the desktop next to the Flashtool.

Now open the Flashtool folder and start the program via the file "flash_tool.exe". To be clear, the only one with the green icon of the robotic face. You will find the program screen in front of you. Press the button shown in the image:

Vphone i6

Now navigate to the folder CWM Recovery previously extracted, select the file MT6592_Android_scatter and press Ok. The Flashtool will load the file to be installed on the device.

Make sure the entry in the box on the left is set to Download Only and click on the big green button Download as shown:

Kolina guide

Now SWITCH OFF the Kolina K100 +, and connect it, FROM OFF, at the PC. After recognizing the phone the dela installation will start Recovery. At the end of the procedure a green circle will appear.

Now you have to download from following link la ROM without back touchpad activated. Then downloaded from here le Google Apps. Both files are two archives in zip format, NO you have to decompress them, so leave them as they are.

Turn on the Kolina K100 + and connect it via USB to the PC. Transfer the two files you have just downloaded (cw201412229.zip e gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip) inside your device, in a folder that you will create and call SECURITY UPDATE TRAINING.

Now turn off the Kolina and enter the CWM Recovery holding down the VOL + and ON / OF keys, as shown above. You will find yourself in the following menu:

Kolina Recovery

Optional: it is advisable, although not mandatory, to make a backup of the firmware and the nvram through the dedicated items in the recovery menu, so you can get back to the initial situation in case of problems.

Now select the item Install Zip, you will end up in this menu:

Kolina recovery

Select the first item Choose Zip from Sdcard. Navigate within the device until you find the file cw201412229.zip (depending on how the phone is partitioned you may have to enter the 0 \ path or another, the important thing is that you find the right file that you have previously moved to the phone). Confirm and wait for the end of the installation (2-3 minutes may be required).

Now repeat the same procedure as installation via Zip, but this time select the file gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip, confirm and wait, it will take a few seconds.

Now go back and press on Reboot phone, the Kolina K100 + will restart without problems, with the new firmware installed.

Final notes: I found no substantial differences with the stock ROM, except for the removal of Chinese apps, enabled root permissions and new applications for listening to photo music.

Update: Following a report, it was confirmed that the Google Calendar does not work on this Custom Rom and its synchronization online, although it is possible to install alternative calendars from the play store.

I hope this guide has been helpful and you have not found any difficulty. For any doubt, or to report any bugs during your tests, or simply to thank, the comment box is at your disposal!