[CES 2015] Snail Games presents W3D, smartphone game console with 3D without glasses!

Snail Games W3D

In addition to the usual smartphones and tablets, the CES 2015 has reserved some special surprise like the W3D, smartphone produced by Snail Games voted for gaming, thanks to the form factor clearly inspired by one portable console.

In fact, the design of this particular phone is more similar to that of a Psvita than to a classic smartphone, because on the elongated body there are two analog sticks and four keys dedicated to gaming, very similar to those on the Sony portable console.

Snail Games W3D

The specifications of the W3D they are made up of a processor MediaTek MTK6595 octa-core to 2,2 GHzThe display FullHD from 5.5 inches, 2 GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable internal memory, Android operating system and capacious battery from 4000mAh, essential for intense gaming sessions. There are two cameras and LTE connectivity, although unfortunately we do not yet know the supported frequencies.

Il W3D allows viewing 3D content without the use of special glasses, in the same way as seen on the Nintendo 3DS, although there will also be a version lacking in this feature, called only Snail W.

Considering the specs from top of the range, the gaming-oriented form factor and the announcement of a dedicated store in addition to the 30 games already preloaded at the time of purchase, what do you think of this? W3D of Snail Games?