Ausdom D2, a low-cost security cam that can be synchronized with Android, iOS, PC and Mac

Ausdom D2

Do you need security for your home, your child or your small business? Well, the device under review might be for you!

In this review, in fact, we will see a device a little different from those we generally deal with here on, but which, however, both for its origin and for some of its very interesting features, can easily fall within our field of investigation. Here you go Ausdom D2, the low-cost security cam that can be synchronized with many devices, including your Chinese Android smartphone!

Ausdom D2

The Ausdom D2 is a device that is characterized by a very interesting quality / price ratio and, as I anticipated, for the ability to see live video images on another device, such as, for example, a very simple Android smartphone.

The use of the Ausdom D2 can range from simple monitoring of your own home, to that of babies or the premises of your business.

For details on the installation, use and main features I refer you to the video review below.

Ausdom D2
Audio jack, micro SD slot, Alarms, WPS button, ethernet, power input

Ausdom D2 - complete specifications

  • Supports iOS, Andriod, Windows and Mac OS;
  • Room with F / 3.6 and 1.8 opening in night mode with infrared;
  • Infrared night vision up to 10 meters;
  • Video recording at maximum HD resolution 1280 x 720 pixels and H.264 video compression;
  • Two-way audio;
  • Connection WPS button;
  • WIFI 802.11 b / g / n;
  • Micro SD Card slot (max 32G);
  • Motion and sound detection;
  • 350 ° horizontal and 125 ° vertical rotation;
  • Remote viewing and recording of the scene;
  • Alarm recording on Dropbox;
  • Sending by e-mail shots made when the alarm is activated;
  • Ability to record videos directly on the micro SD;
  • Dimensions 122 x 100 x 113 mm;
  • Weight 310 grams.

Ausdom D2, a low-cost security cam that can be synchronized with Android, iOS, PC and Mac

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Ausdom D2 - photo gallery

The Ausdom D2 is available on at the price of about 74 euros with shipping from Germany (therefore, no additional customs fees).

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