ZTE Q509T, MT6732 for 60 Euro only!

The new generation of 64-bit Mediatek SoCs, thanks to the aggressive prices charged by the chipmaker, has allowed Chinese smartphone manufacturers to populate the market with cheap and sufficiently performing models. ZTE, of course, could not miss in the group of companies that have focused on these processors and presented the new ZTE Q509T!

As mentioned, it is a low-end model. Despite the SoC Mt6732 quad core from 1.3GHz can boast, on paper, good performance (not far from what is offered by Snapdragon 410), the company has chosen to castrate this terminal with an incredibly limited amount of RAM, stationary only 512 MB.


The other features of ZTE Q509T, thankfully, do not deviate too much from the average of the economic terminals. Almost acceptable, for example, the screen 5 inches 854 × 480, just as we are not surprised by the presence of a 2 Megapixel front photographic sensor and that of a 5 Megapixel rear sensor. Android will be present in version 4.4 KitKat and the ROM is from 4GB.

Compatibility with connectivity LTE, natively guaranteed by the SoC, is perhaps superfluous to a terminal so cheap, as well as the battery well 3900 mAh it is definitely oversized compared to the rest of the hardware features. Despite this we believe that these features, although not essential, can be useful to many users.

The price of this ZTE Q509T justifies, fortunately, the considerable limitations of the terminal. Chinese consumers, in fact, at this moment can already buy this smartphone for only 469 Yuan, poco more than 60 Euros at the current exchange rate. In any case, this is a promotional price, which could undergo upward adjustments during the coming weeks.

We believe, given the negligible price, that the scarce amount of RAM (the real weakness of ZTE Q509T) is in fact the only discriminating factor that could make a consumer interested in buying desist. What do you think, would you buy a device with 512 MB of RAM?