Alcatel Pixi 3: three operating systems in one smartphone!

Alcatel Pixi 3

Alcatel is a well-known smartphone manufacturer, which boasts in its catalog different models both for price range and for the operating system adopted. The new Alcatel Pixi 3, however, presents itself as a unique product, because it will be compatible with all three the major operating systems available on the market (excluding, of course, Apple's iOS).

Furthermore Alcatel Pixi 3 It will be available in different display sizes, from 3.5 inches, from 4 inches, 4.5 inches and 5 inches, so as to meet everyone's needs. Note that they will all be equipped with 4G connectivity, except the smallest model, which will be limited to the 3G.

Alcatel Pixi 3

Unfortunately we do not know yet the technical specifications of these smartphones, but we know that they will be able to perform Android, Windows Phone e FireFox OS, chosen by the user at the time of purchase (but we are sure that the community will soon be able to make the three systems coexist on the same phone through software changes).

Alcatel Pixi 3 It will be aimed at a younger audience and will therefore be available in a wide range of different colors, such as pink, blue, yellow, white and many others.

We will update you on the Pixi 3 as soon as we have more information about it, in any case it is our option that this is a range of low end, which stands out from the competition for the compatibility with different OS, a feature that could be convenient for lovers of flexibility.