Xiaomi: Is 65 a 2015 smartphone in the XNUMX?

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Today is the news according to which Xiaomi would be willing to present, in the 2015, a low-cost smartphone to the figure of only 500 Yuan (About 65 €).

As reported by DigitimesIn fact, the number one smartphone maker in China could have a project of this kind in mind to try to acquire even more market shares, trying to outperform, even more than what it is already doing.

Xiaomi Lei Jun

The news in question comes directly from the companies that are part of the production chain to which Xiaomi is addressing.

The Chinese manufacturer has in fact adopted LCD panels produced by Sharp and Japan Display for its high-end devices, while for the mid-range ones, according to the source, the main company it relied on is AU Optronics.

As for the low-end devices, it would seem, according to the source, that the Chinese company BOE Technology has started a first limited production of LCD panels that Xiaomi could adopt for its low-cost smartphone right in the 2015.

We'll see what will happen in the coming weeks, by virtue of the start of the new year.

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