Xiaomi Mouse Metal Pad for sale at 59 Yuan!

Xiaomi Mouse Pad

He does not intend to stop his race at all, Xiaomi, the number one Chinese company in the mobile sector.

Today is the news of the sale of a new accessory, the Xiaomi Mouse Pad in a metal alloy, sold in two sizes.

Xiaomi Mouse Pad

The new Xiaomi accessory is available in the sizes of 300 x 240mm or in the smallest version of 240 x 180mm. Both versions have one thickness only 3 millimeters.

As you can see from the images that we report, the finishes are fine despite the fact that we are talking about a mouse pad: satin metal with sandblasting, oxidation and laser engraving of the Xiaomi brand. Other detail not from poco is silicone edging to prevent the mouse from accidentally falling off the pad area.

The selling price is of 59 Yuan (as soon as 7.80 €) For the big version and 49 Yuan (only 6.50 €) For the smaller one.

The Chinese manufacturer is really putting it all to put its quality mark on accessories, which are becoming increasingly elegant and valuable products.

What do you think of this new one? Xiaomi Mouse Pad? Would you buy it?

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