The “blue” in the new Meizu generation. Low-cost quality!

meizu no blue

In recent days, Li Nan in person has denied the rumors relating to the alleged price of 799 Yuan of the new low-cost Meizu, emphasizing, in particular, the impossibility of offering a quality product at that price.

Yesterday, however, the news of the possible launch by Meizu of a new series of products of different categories (smartphones, TVs, tablets and smartwatches), useful for diversifying the company's offer, which is currently decidedly a bit "poor", especially when compared to that of the Xiaomi opponent.

meizu no blue

But Meizu would seem to have decided to continue in the tradition, always offering products characterized by a high quality level. The motto, therefore, would seem to be "less products, but more quality!".

In the last few hours, there has been a lot of talk about the next low-cost Meizu device and a new Blue Charm Note. The "Blue", therefore, is a "concept" already introduced in the Meizu universe and in the last few hours it has been confirmed by new photos that portray a particular box of a smartphone that carries the enigmatic writing "no blue".

In the box there is an iPhone 5c, of which we see in another photo the back shell. This is because, according to the source, the new Meizu device will be equipped with a shell made of 5 plastic materials, sometimes better than those of the Apple-phone.

What will Meizu launch in the coming days? What will the "no blue" on the box refer to? A "sub-brand" of Meizu? We will find out soon!

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