New Windows Phone smartphone coming from the Indian manufacturer Xolo

Xolo WIN Q1000

Taking a look at, a site that provides import-export data for some Indian companies, we can find some information about new smartphones and tablets ready for debut.

Precisely from this site emerges as the well-known Indian company Xolo, it seems to be willing to launch a new smartphone with the Microsoft operating system on board: Windows phone 8.1.

The smatphone in question would seem to be there Xolo WIN Q1000, of which, however, the features are not yet known, except for the screen from 5 inches and support to Dual SIM.

Xolo WIN Q1000

Furthermore, it seems that the company already has 10.000 pieces in stock ready to be released on the market.

Looking at the image and making two quick accounts, we can estimate the price at which this device will be sold, a price that should be around the dollars 87 (about 70 euros), therefore at a very competitive price.

Will the Indian Xolo succeed in giving back to Windows Phone? There are no other details at the moment, so we invite you to follow us in the coming days to find out more about it.

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