MIUI Global Fan Sites Awards: we help MIUI Italy to win!

MIUI Global Fan Sites Award

Many of you will know MIUI ROM, the Android customization developed, 4 years ago, by Xiaomi, the most famous Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and mobile devices.

One of the strengths that this personalization has always had from the beginning is the proliferation of communities that were born, in many countries of the world, to realize a translation and localization of the ROM produced by Xiaomi, which is only released in Chinese and English.

MIUI Italy

For Italy MIUI has existed for years, the Italian community that dedicates itself with passion and care to the translation of the ROM "made by Xiaomi" to make it usable to all Italian MIUIers who love the cleanliness, simplicity and functionality of MIUI ROM .

Xiaomi has always appreciated the contribution received from the network and the global community that has always moved with dedication to improve and make its own contribution to the dissemination and improvement of the ROM produced by Chinese companies.

For this reason, every year, Xiaomi indexes a contest, called MIUI Global Fan Sites Awards that, through one voting on the official thread on the Xiaomi forum, intends to reward what will be voted as the best fan community of 2014.

To vote is very simple: just go to the official thread and express your preference.

What do you say, we help MIUI Italy to grow even more and to win this contest? Voting does not cost us anything and it is only a small tribute for all the work done, so far, by this huge community born autonomously in our country!

The winner will be announced by 25 December.

The only constraint to be able to vote is to have a user level, on the MIUI forum, Senior or higher.

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