Coolpad announces it has sold 20 millions of 4G smartphones in the 2014

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The Chinese manufacturer Coolpad announced that it has sold around 20 million smartphones with 4G connectivity up to this point during the 2014

The total of smartphones 4G sold by Coolpad in China in the 2014 is of 90 million, to which i must be added 20 million sold on international markets. Currently the company holds the scepter of largest manufacturer of 4G smartphones Chinese with a market share of the 15%.

The forecasts for the next year are very optimistic and they are close to the record sales figure of 350 million of 4G smartphones in Chinese territory only.

To strengthen the sales regime of Coolpad, will contribute without any doubt the last device announced by the company, of which we spoke to you in the last few days, Dashen F2.

First launched in Taiwan, Dashen F2 could reach the figure of by the end of the year 100 thousand specimens sold in the local market only.

In this regard it is interesting how Coolpad push a lot on Taiwan as a market in which to launch their devices, to the point that already for the first quarter of the 2015, could be launched by 5 to 9 new 4G devices.

What do you think about the rise of Coolpad? Would you also like to enter the European market of this company?